BCe Smart

Intelligent but affordable servo electric bending cell for semiautomatic, efficient, and safe production

Ease of use

  • Loading and unloading in a unique work sequence
  • Stacking of the finished component and unstacking of the next part can be
    performed while the machine is working
  • LED reference bar for quick loading and pre-centering
  • Info screen and acoustic signals to guide the operator
  • 3D programming system with simulation
  • Barcode reader


  • Absence of physical barriers
  • Possibility to use manual lifting manipulator for heavy part loading
  • Brush worktable with sheet support rollers
  • Two different worktable setups


  • CNC safety integrated system and laser scanners
  • Light signals with different colors and sound warnings
  • Electrical energy savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Low noise level and vibrations
  • Compact layout – less space needed in the workshop

Max bending length
2,250 mm

Min bending length (*)
350 mm

Min width between bends (*)
160 mm / 120 mm with UBC

Bending force
32 tons

(*) these values cannot coexist in a single construction

Bending Cell by Prima Power – smart and productive

Prima Power BCe Smart introduces new principles for modern semiautomatic machines by innovating new technologies and by enhancing intelligence that combined with operator ability makes this machine easy to use and eliminates the margin of error.

Prima Power BCe Smart with its innovative servo-electric bending technology is the optimal solution for medium production volumes as well as for low volume or lean production. It guarantees precision and repeatability with a considerable reduction of maintenance costs.

BCe Smart’s compact layout and unique loading / unloading sequence guarantee high productivity and offer a very attractive investment.

The large working table that allows loading and unloading in a single sequence increases productivity. The machine is extremely easy to use and does not require skilled operators: thanks to the barcode reader and the ATC system its setup is automatic, it takes place in masked time and activates dynamic production queues.

The high ergonomics and safety levels are obtained through a series of features such as the absence of physical barriers for manual loading, warning lights and acoustic signals to synchronize the loading and unloading, and the additional interactive display that guides the operator in the working phases to be carried out, for example, the orientation of the pieces, etc.

With BCe Smart managing the entire production process is easy and efficient, thanks to the Open numerical control by Prima Electro, the Tulus operator interface and the Master Bend Cam programming system. The machine is also prearranged to be integrated with robots for the automatic loading and unloading.


BCe Smart panel bender offers the best benefits to customers who need:

  • Compact footprint
  • Higher productivity (loading operation ergonomically in sequence with unloading)
  • Reduction of direct labor assigned to bending and set-up
  • Full safety for the operator (no physical barriers for high efficiency)
  • Excellent component quality
  • Wide range of bending profiles
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Electrical energy savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Low noise level and vibrations
  • No influence by thermal conditions
  • Pre-configuration for robot integration

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