Automatic bending process by Prima Power with semi-automatic material handling.

loading operation is simultaneous with unloading – shorter cycle times
fully automatic setup between different components

the parts to be processed are transferred automatically from an external table

from small batches to serial manufacturing

low energy consumption (-64%) – less CO2

very low noise level

reduced vibration 30% compared with previous hydraulic series

compact layout – less space needed in the workshop

Max bending length
BCe2220 2,250 mm – BCe2720 2,750 mm

Min bending length (*)
350 mm

Min width between bends (*)
160 mm / 120 mm with UBC option

Bending force
BCe2220 32 tons – BCe2720 41 tons

(*) these values cannot coexist in a single construction

Prima Power BCe bending center

Prima Power’s BCe series bending centers offer the well-known Express Bender benefits – precision, flexibility and high surface quality – in a semiautomatic construction. Only loading is performed manually, an easy task due to user-friendly design.

BCe series provides productive capacity for single piece and small batches as well as serial manufacturing. It enlarges bending capability to the applications that were not possible before, allowing production of components which are fully perforated, have large or high forms, or need large openings.

Total manufacturing time is shortened since the loading operation is simultaneous with the unloading of the ready-bent component.


  • excellent bending accuracy and surface quality with high repeatability
  • very low maintenance cost ( – 65%)
  • configuration: a basic unit (bending press and programmable manipulator with rotator) plus loading table with brush top, programmable part feeder, and driven rolls in the unloading table
  • customizable using the wide range of Prima Power options such as automatic tool change, additional upper tool, additional short blade, etc.
  • higher productivity – loading operation is simultaneous with unloading – shorter cycle time
  • no skilled operator needed, still maximum productivity
  • full safety for the operator – the parts to be processed are transferred automatically from an external table
  • reliable, accurate operation – automatic clamp feeder moves the part to be bent from the table to the manipulator
  • higher operator efficiency – automatic pusher conveyor (LBN) unloads bent parts to the unloading table with automatic buffer function
  • fully automatic set-up between different components (with ATC)
  • compact layout
  • higher productivity and faster programming compared with manual folding machines and robotized press brake

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