Servo-electric technology for better bending and improved operation economy.

fully automatic loading and unloading operation
suitable for medium to long series manufacturing

excellent bending quality as required by e.g. design products

Cost effectiveness
low overall operation cost due to low energy consumption (-64%), low oil maintenance cost, very fast operation

low energy consumption (-64%) – less CO2

very low noise level

reduced vibration

carefully thought ergonomics through integrated safety covers

Max bending length
EBe2220: 2,250 mm – EBe2720: 2,750 mm – EBe3320: 3,350 mm – EBe3820: 3,800 mm

Min bending length (*)
350 mm

Min width between bends (*)
160 mm  / 120 mm with UBC option

Bending force
EBe2220: 32 ton (320kN) – EBe2720, EBe3320, EBe3820: 41 ton (410 kN)

(*) these values cannot coexist in a single construction

Bending automation for productivity

More and more fabricators are facing a situation, where big volumes are replaced by the need to produce small batches on a just-in time basis. In traditional bending with press brakes, set-up times, technical limits in producing sophisticated components and the requirement for skilled personnel may prove problematic in such manufacturing tasks.

Basing on extensive experience applying servo-electric technology in automatic panel-bending solutions, Prima Power offers a fully automated solution.

The Automatic Tool Change option (ATC)  eliminates the setup times and thanks to the offline scheduling of the different production batches, the machine is managed avoiding human mistakes.

Four models with different maximum bending lengths are available.


  • servo-electric technology: very low energy and maintenance costs, reduced impact on manufacturing environment (minimum noise and vibrations), no influence of thermal conditions, and excellent component quality
  • more bends for each side in an automatic sequence without any manual intervention
  • positive/negative inversion, smashing and radius bend and several other typical profiles
  • Automatic Tool Change (ATC) eliminates setup time
  • two bending principles: rolling mode (wider contact surface between the blade and the sheet but no relative friction) and circular mode (same contact point on the panel, while the one on the blade changes during bending movement)

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