Davide Spezini – Managment, Owner

Davide Spezini – Managment, Owner

Lasergate was born in 2001 with the activity of three-dimensional laser cutting.

Since 2008, we have implemented some operation processes including the two-dimensional cutting; this action, together with the acquisition of other machinery such as presses and bending machines, enables us to manufacture and supply finished components in the automotive sector.

Lasergate has 5 laser machines which are one Rapido purchased in 2001, another Rapido purchased in 2004, one Domino (with which we introduced the two-dimensional cut) and one Platino purchased in 2008. Few weeks ago, last Rapido machine has been installed, it is equipped with a 4kW fiber laser generator.
During the years we have always chosen Prima Industrie, this because we believe it is a leader company in its field.

Concerning the reliability of the systems, they have always maintained a high productivity. Technical failures, when occurred, have always been promptly solved.

Both myself and my partner have always considered the reaction time of the Technical Support of Prima Power as a key factor to estimate the reliability of the machines.

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