Giuseppe Biuso – Top Manager

Giuseppe Biuso – Top Manager

Allinox was born in 1953 in the field of the stainless steel working for the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have maintained such sectors even if, by now, the hugest part of our production belongs to the aeronautical sector which is very advanced from a technological view point.

Platino 4000W is the third Prima Industrie machine we purchased, its technology allowed us to get the qualification from our Customers operating in the aeronautical sector: this was very important because these Customers have very tight requirements concerning the precision of the cut.

Thanks to Prima Industrie we were able to get this special qualification; to reach this goal it was necessary a really huge technical support by Prima Industrie, which has taken hours and hours of activities.
Actions and support of Prima Industrie were absolutely exceptional.

Actually, our main Customers are GE AVIO, world leader in aircraft construction, EthosEnergy European leader in the construction of gas turbines. Both of them require the use of expensive materials with a value from 50 to 150 $ per kilo (almost all of American origin).