Electric Cabinets

electric cabinetsWhat Prima Power can do for you

  • Our combined systems for punching and right angle shearing are widely used to manufacture the components of the electric cabinets as it speeds up considerably the process of blanks cutting. Subsequent bending operations are performed with press brakes or bending systems, also integrated with the cutting operations in a complete line. These are the main technologies utilized by manufacturers of electric cabinets.
  • Punching, forming, tapping, marking, laser cutting can be performed with a single machine using our punch-laser systems to enhance flexibility and reduce setup time for customization of the finished electric cabinets immediately prior to coating. The flexible production method of the punch-laser combination also allows low batch sizes.
  • The forming of panels for the electrical cabinets can be productively performed using our panel benders in terms of part dimensions, thickness, volume and batches.
  • For high–volume production of electrical cabinets, fully automated production lines (called PSBB) are available. The use of PSBB lines guarantees not only high rates of productivity, but also excellent flexibility.
  • Our 3D laser cutting machines can be used to customize the assembled cabinets before they are painted. Productivity can be increased with shuttles or other automation solutions.
  • The large offering of Prima Power automation modules combine high productivity with flexibility and can be integrated incrementally, as production needs grow.
  • Our professional services complement our advanced technology and are the key to better productivity and higher profits.
  • All our products are designed and developed according to the “Green Means®” concept, which combines productivity and sustainability.

Application examples

  • All the panels of the cabinets can be efficiently processed with our machines.
  • 3D laser is used to customize the finished electric cabinets prior to painting.

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