High dynamic linear drive increases productivity on thin sheets (+20%) compared with conventional drive systems.


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Precise and repeatable in cutting and laser head positioning thanks to the effective CNC management of linear drive. Excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials.



Low operating costs thanks to high energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.



Suitable for any production need, offering a full range of solutions for automation.


Laser Genius is designed for delivering very high productivity levels combined with quality.
It combines the flexibility of the Platino platform with increased productivity and efficiency, obtained through the innovative use of materials such as the carbon fiber carriage and the synthetic granite frame.

The efficiency is further enhanced by our high-dynamic linear drive which contributes increasing its productivity up to +20%, compared with conventional drive systems.
It provides the best cutting quality, high accuracy and productivity without compromises on the whole thickness range thanks to the best integration of all machine components.

High cutting quality is achieved also thanks to adaptive optics for the automatic management of the focal position and diameter.

Unique machine architecture based on a synthetic granite frame and carbon fiber cantilever structure provide fiber laser technology and linear drive at their best, granting high dynamics and excellent accuracy.

Laser Genius is equipped with  fiber head  for the automatic management of the focal position and diameter and a fast, reactive and accurate stand-off measurement. The head is designed for excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials, the highest cutting pressures (certified mechanical structure) and the harshest environment (totally sealed and protected case).

The high energy efficiency fiber laser with low maintenance required and no laser gases contributes to reduce the operating cost of the machine.

The Numerical Control, Operator interface and programming software, developed and manufactured by Prima Power, are user-friendly and smart tools.

Laser Genius is available with two cabin solutions: the Lean Cabin design provides minimum footprint and easy installation; the Open Cabin, with fully opening sliding doors, grants excellent accessibility for the operator.

Axis strokes
Laser Genius 2040: X= 4,100 mm; Y= 2,100 mm; Z= 150 mm  (suitable for 160″ x 80″ sheets)

Axis speed
170 m/min (trajectory 240 m/min)

Fiber laser source 
3,000 W –  4,000 W – 6,000 W – 10,000 W

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