Suitable for a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Ready for round, square and rectangular tubes

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Excellent visibility and maximum accessibility for the operator


Fully tested and reliable platform thanks to the 25 years of experience.


Easy to use programming software and Prima Power operator interface. Fast setup and reduced downtime.

Platino is a flexible, user-friendly and compact flat cutting machine with an excellent price/performance ratio, utilized around the globe where applications, manufacturing demands and budgets are strongly oriented to the highest cutting quality needs.
Available in two sizes (1530 and 2040) and with laser powers ranging from 2.5 kW to 4.5 kW, Platino is suitable for every application. Change over to tube processing can be achieved with zero setup time.

Thanks to the automatic management of materials and thicknesses, it grants high level of process reliability and efficiency.
The compact design of Platino reduces the machine footprint to the minimum, easing the transportation and installation processes.

The cantilever design of Platino, combined with the fully-opening sliding doors cabin with and large windows, grants excellent visibility of the cutting process and accessibility for the operator.
Thanks to its open structure, Platino can be easily integrated, even at a later time, into a complete Server line of automated sheet metal handling systems thanks to the complete Prima Power automation solutions.

Platino unique machine architecture based on a synthetic granite frame and an aluminum cast cantilever structure grants an unparalleled accessibility to the working area and the best level of thermal stability with vibration damping.

The cutting head is designed by Prima Power: it can be enhanced thanks to dedicated additional functions and options, such as Piercing and Cutting Monitoring, in order to meet all customers’ demands.

The Numerical Control, Operator interface and programming software are user-friendly and smart tools, developed and manufactured by Prima Power.

A wide range of automation solutions allows Platino to grow with your company: from a stand-alone machine to a 24/7 operating FMS.

Axis strokes
Platino 1530 - X: 3.048 mm; Y: 1.524 mm  Z: 150 mm (suitable for 120″ x 60″ sheets)
Platino 2040 - X: 4,100 mm; Y: 2,100 mm; Z: 150 mm (suitable for 160″ x 80″ sheets)

Axis speed
Platino 1530   100 m/min (trajectory 140 m/min)
Platino 2040    80 m/min (trajectory 110 m/min)

CO2 Laser source       
2,500 W –4,500 W

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