Low operating costs thanks to energy efficiency and reduced maintenance. Reduced piercing times and increased cutting speeds (especially on high thickness).



Suitable for a wide range of materials, including highly-reflective metals and high thickness mild steel.



Suitable for any production need, offering a full range of solutions for automation.



Single focusing lens system and easy to use programming software and Prima Power operator interface. Fast setup and reduced downtime.


The Platino Fiber laser cutting machine results from the perfect balance between innovation and know-how. It is, in fact, an evolution of the fully-tested Platino platform, marrying its reliability and flexibility with efficient state-of-the-art laser technology.
Platino Fiber has been developed by Prima Power to maximize customers’ competitiveness according to their application. The machine is provided with a series of option suites dedicated to different production needs in order to further enhance its performances and is equipped with the high-brilliance fiber laser. It is available with laser powers ranging from 2 to 6 kW, to meet customers’ specific needs.

Platino Fiber has been developed in order to provide customers with a production tool that is productive, due to shorter cycle times and increased process reliability, energy efficient, with lower energy requirements resulting in a reduced environmental impact, and also highly flexible in terms of thicknesses and processable materials.

The unique machine architecture based on a synthetic granite frame and an aluminium cast cantilever structure grants an unparalleled accessibility to the working area.

Platino Fiber is available with two different cabin solutions: the Lean Cabin design provides minimum footprint and easy installation. The Open Cabin with fully opening sliding doors and fiber-safe windows grants excellent visibility of the cutting process and accessibility for the operator.

Platino Fiber cutting head is designed by Prima Power: it’s equipped with a single focusing lens and an adaptive fiber head for the automatic management of the focal position and diameter and a fast, reactive and accurate stand-off measurement. Protective glass is integrated into dedicated drawer below the focusing lens.

The machine comes as a single unit: no special foundations are necessary and it can be transported as a single block, making the installation is quick and easy. 

The Numerical Control, Operator interface and programming software, developed and manufactured by Prima Power, are user-friendly and smart tools.

Thanks to a wide range of automation solutions, Platino Fiber grows with your company: from a stand-alone machine to a 24/7 operating FMS.

Axis strokes
X= 3,048 mm; Y= 1,524 mm; Z= 150 mm  (suitable for 120″ x 60″ sheets)

Axis speed
100 m/min (combined 140 m/min)

Laser fiber power 
2,000 W –  3,000 W – 4,000 W –  6,000 W

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