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12 abril 2017

Today’s Laser Welding

With fiber laser welding, new product applications are everywhere – in electronic packages, medical devices, automobiles we drive, aircraft, and process equipment and sensors. The list is almost endless. Today’s laser machines are more flexible than those of the past. It is now common for these systems to perform multiple laser operations, including cutting, welding, drilling and marking.

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8 marzo 2017

New Laser Next 2130 – The 3D laser cutting machine dedicated to the new door ring concept

Hot stamped parts are increasingly replacing traditional metal formed parts in automotive frame design and this trend is confirmed also for the next years. A recent trend that is gaining momentum is the adoption of a new door ring concept, hot stamped as one part instead of the four parts which are usually required. This minimizes production costs, reduces the weight and increases the performance of this component. Prima Power has designed a new product focused on this specific application: Laser Next 2130.

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7 julio 2016

Italy Aerospace 2016

Interview with Prima Power on Aerospace Sector: Gianfranco Carbonato, Luca Bianchini, Chiara Roncolini.

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