Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

customer satisfaction questionairePlease help us improve our products and services

Our mission is the Total Customer Satisfaction, obtained through the continuous improvement of our products, services and organisation. Our Customers are for us Partners with common goals of constant growth and improvement.

It is from this point of view that we ask you to dedicate few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Thanks to your answers we will be able to satisfy your needs and expectations more and more.

Privacy policy

Dear Customer, Prima Industrie S.p.A., as the Data Processor, states (in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 “Data protection code of practice”) that your personal data will only be processed in order to evaluate the level of satisfaction with our products/services. The provision of information by you is optional. Refusing to respond will not involve any consequences. Your data will be processed using manual, computerised and/or telematic means with logics closely related to the purposes. Your data will not be disclosed or issued to third parties. Prima Industrie S.p.A. internal personnel working on said processing may see your data. At any time you may exercise the rights in art. 7 of the Code (e.g.: add to or delete data, etc.) by contacting: Servizio Privacy – Prima Industrie S.p.A. – Via Antonelli, 32 – 10093 Collegno (TO). The person in charge of processing your data is the Human Resources Dept. Manager, domiciled for the purpose at the offices of the Data Processor.

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Data Processing

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Profilointilupa. Tarkemmat tiedot: käyttäjän ominaisuuksiin perustuvan profiilin muodostaminen käyttäjälle suunnatun sisällön ja/tai markkinoinnin optimointia varten.