Attilio Prestipino – Owner

Attilio Prestipino – Owner

The relationship with Prima Industrie was established in 1999 with the purchase of the first laser system. Over the time we have built a good collaboration and have become partners.

During these years we have renewed our machine fleet, up to now we own 2 PLATINO laser systems and a press brake. These are high performing systems, we have no problems, working processes are almost always perfect.

For any problem with the machines, a Prima Power service technician arrives within 24 hours giving suitable solutions. In comparison to the competitors’ machines we employed in the past, we can say that the press brake represents an important step forwards. We are truly satisfied.

Our company has grown so much, we operate in the sheet metal processing sector and can provide machines complete of electrical, pneumatic, mechanical systems, painting included.

In this way the Customer has only one reference supplier.

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