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FL storage

FL storage

FL storage

FL storage

FL storage is an economical solution when fast raw material changes are needed due to production requirements.

FL storage consists of FLD (Fast Loading Device), shelving unit, Night Train cassettes and a safety solution. There are different heights of storage solutions available with the capacity of different material positions from five up to twelve.

Shelving unit has three loading positions, where sheet bundles on cassettes can be brought with a forklift. Sheet material can be inserted onto cassettes also on wooden pallets.

FLD gripper can pick up sheet material directly from any cassette on loading position and deliver sheet material either directly to machine connection or store materials to cassettes on fixed positions in the shelving unit.

Prima Power flexibility and versatility

FL storage enables fast availability of different materials for production where batches are small and material changes continuously, like door and steel furniture manufacturing.

As the key component of FL storage is the FLD, which later on can be integrated into a Night Train FMS® solution.

  • High productivity
  • Process efficiency
  • Unmanned production


Punch Genius PG
with FL storage 

Punch Genius with FL storage

Combi Genius CG
with FL storage 

FL storage with Combi Genius

Shear Genius SG
with FL storage 

FL storage with Shear Genius

Shear Brilliance SBe
with FL storage 

SBe with FL storage