Pawakiat Keratichewanun – Manager

Pawakiat Keratichewanun – Manager

Bitwise (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is one of Thailand leading air-conditioner manufacturers with a wide range of products for residential and Industrial use. Our principals are to design good high quality products at an attractive price for our customers.

Since we started our company in 1988 we always focus on how to improve our production technology as well as to improve our staff knowledge.

In 2013, we started looking for a new Turret Punch machine and after comparing several brands we were impressed by Primapower E5X speed, flexibility, technology and intelligent software it was not difficult to make the decision.

Furthermore, since we started to use the Primapower E5X not only we can increase our productivity but also expand our product design range where we before was limited due to lack of technologies available on the Primapower E5x. Withwheel tools and rib tools we have not only been able to enhance our designs but also significantly increased our productivity.

As the Primapower E5x has been proven to provide great productivity and flexibility we are now looking in to further improve our productivity by adding a Primapower servo electric press brake, eP1030 as well as a Primapower Shear Genius.

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