Commercial appliances & equipment

commercial appliances & equipmentMain challenges and requirements

This sector is characterized by the need to combine high productivity with a wide variety of products, often in small batch sizes (various shapes, decorations and many custom parts).

Typical parts are medium or small thickness, with a wide use of stainless steel and other materials complying with food and drug standards.

The possibility to process materials with high aesthetic requirements (e.g. pre-painted, Super Mirror stainless steel, etc.) is another important prerequisite, along with the capability to process large sheets.

Moreover, this sector is characterized by an increasing demand of highly automated material flow systems.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our systems offer high flexibility in every process. This allows easy product customization and a greater freedom to design more stylish products without compromising productivity:
    – punching machines with high capacity tool turrets for the shortest setup times
    – combined punching/shearing or punching/laser to have the best of the two processes in a single machine
    – 2D and 3D laser machines with all the intrinsic versatility of the laser in terms of shapes, profiles, material thicknesses
    – capability to perform complex bending profiles
  • Our products provide high accuracy and repeatability in punching, shearing, bending, laser cutting and an excellent surface quality of the finished part
  • Our punching machines are the basic and most common equipment in this sector, in particular for small and medium sized companies and grant high flexibility at excellent cost/efficiency ratio
  • Our combined punching-right angle shearing systems are particularly efficient for the production of components with square or rectangular shape
  • Our wide range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bending machines cover all bending needs in terms of flexibility, productivity, profile complexity and material thickness
  • The geometries of the commercial appliances are becoming more and more complex. The laser, with its unmatched versatility, is the most suitable tool to meet these new design requirements. Our offering of flat bed laser machines and combined punching-laser systems is one of the widest and includes both fiber and CO2 laser technologies.
  • We can offer various levels of automation, up to the most sophisticated and factory-wide FMS for maximum productivity and efficiency. Our automation modules can be integrated incrementally, according to current and future customer’s needs.
  • Our professional services complement our advanced technology and are the key to better productivity and higher profits.
  • All our products are designed and developed according to the Green Means® concept: productive and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Application examples

  • Commercial kitchens and ovens
  • Refrigerating systems
  • Serve over counters
  • Refrigeration cells
  • Vertical and horizontal freezers
  • Food and beverage dispensers
  • Checkout counters
  • etc.

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