Hospital & Lab equipment

hospital & lab equipmentMain challenges and requirements

The production of sheet metal components for this sector is characterized by medium or thick material, medium or big part dimensions, low volume batches and high flexibility. There is also a wide use of stainless steel and other materials complying with food and drug standards.

Customization is extremely important, since manufacturers have to meet different requirements and different standards.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the basic and most common equipment in this sector, in particular for small and medium sized companies, and provide high flexibility at excellent cost/efficiency ratio.
  • Our 2D and 3D laser machines are utilized to cut materials of any kind and thickness (covers or structural parts) and shapes.
  • Our combined punch–shear systems grant the highest flexibility and productivity with dramatic material savings.
  • Our panel benders are widely used for manufacturing steel furniture components, since they are suitable for part dimensions, thickness, volume and batches typical of this sector. They provide high bending accuracy, repeatability, and capability to perform complex bending profiles.
  • Our PSBB (short for punching, right angle shearing, buffering and bending) is a fully automatic manufacturing line for processing raw sheet coming from packages or directly from coils into ready-bent, high-quality sheet metal components. PSBB line is the perfect solution for lights-out production of even the most intricate components from a variety of materials, which can be can be changed, as programmed, automatically.
  • The flexibility of the punch-laser combination is a winning feature when you need to have several fabrication technologies available.
  • Our wide array of services can be customized to specific needs and assure maximum productivity of the customer’s manufacturing systems.
  • Prima Power products are designed and developed to maximize the customer’s profit and to minimize the impact on the environment (Green Means®).

Application examples

  • Modular metallic walls, roofs and doors
  • Metallic furniture
  • Metallic panels and shelving
  • Medical equipment frames and panels
  • Heavy medical equipment structural parts and panels

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