Next to you

next_to_you-700x470What is “Next to you”?

“Next to you” is the principle that guides us in all our activities and relationships with our customers and the external world in general. It encapsulates our commitment to be close to our customers, to be next to them wherever and whenever they need us.

“Next to you” is our essence, the main component of our DNA that cannot be renounced and that makes us different. It was so when we started, more than 35 years ago, and it will be so in the future. It is the purpose that guides our navigation through this rapidly changing world we all work in.

What does it mean in practice “Next to you”?

it means understanding our customer’s expectations and devoting all our efforts to their satisfaction and, when possible, to their anticipation

  • it means designing, developing and customizing products having our customers’ success in mind
  • it means creating long-term and valuable collaboration supporting customers across product life cycle
  • it means deleting distances that separate us from our customers, investing in the opening of new subsidiaries or sales and service centers to be where our customers are, speaking their language, understanding their mindset and their needs
  • it means using modern online communication technology to be with our customers also in a virtual way, every time they need us
  • it means sharing with our customers the attention to the environmental impact of what we do and to the future of our planet

being global

Understanding needs, goals and values of our customers wherever they are in the world.

getting closer

Building a true partnership with our customers made by real collaboration to meet latest market challenges.

going green

Our advanced solutions ensure a lower environmental impact