Our history

Prima Power – one brand, two historical leaders in the sheet metal sector: Prima Industrie and Finn-Power

1977-1979 The Roots

Incorporation of Prima Industrie. Development of a wide range of hi-tech products, as the first 3D laser machine developed in 1979.
Finn-Power, established in 1969 in Finland, introduces hydraulic crimping machines, soon becoming a global market leader.

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1980-1989 Getting industrial

Prima leadership in 3D laser robots with Optimo®. Industrial welding, handling and measuring robots are introduced on the market. First international subsidiary in Germany.
In 1983, the small, privately owned Finnish crimping technology company takes the bold step of introducing a hydraulic turret punch press, developed and manufactured in-house, under the Finn-Power brand. The company sets up its first subsidiary in the US in 1985, with others to follow.

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1990-1995 Focus on sheet metal working

Widening of the 3D products range with Rapido®. Sale of non-core activities and entry in 2D laser market through the acquisition of the Swiss Company Laserwork AG. Strengthening of sales and service activities with subsidiaries in France, the UK and the US.
Finn-Power’s integrated right angle shearing technology makes a true worldwide breakthrough. From the start it was due to become the heart of flexible manufacturing systems, branded Night Train FMS® in 1994, the leading FMS concept in sheet metal working then, now and in the future.

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1996-1999 Growth

Prima Industrie obtains the ISO 9001 Certification. The Platino® 2D laser machine is launched. First joint-venture in China and branch office in Beijing. Listing on the Italian Stock Exchange.
In 1998, the servo electric turret punch press is introduced – the first step towards what is now known as Green Means in sheet metal working.

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2000-2007 More and more global

Acquisition of Convergent Energy (now Prima Electro) and Laserdyne. Second joint-venture in China: Shanghai Unity Prima. Launch of Syncrono® and Rapido® Evoluzione. Strengthening of European sales and service.

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4 February 2008 – The Great Change

On 4 February 2008 Prima Industrie Group acquires the Finn-Power Group.

2008 – 2013 Integration and globalization

In March 2011 a new brand is born: all laser and sheet metal working products and relevant services are sold under the name Prima Power. Sales and service network is completely integrated and new subsidiaries are opened in Brazil, India, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Mexico, Korea.

March 2015

The new 10.000 sqmt facility in China including factory, offices and show room was inaugurated on March 26, 2015. The activity of Prima Power Suzhou will be Manufacturing, Sale and Service of a comprehensive range of sheet metal machines (2D Laser Cutting, Punching Presses, Press Brakes).

Some of our people at Prima Power Suzhou

Entrance, during Opening Ceremony

Demo Room at Prima Power Suzhou