Laserdyne 811

High-precision laser processing system for 2D and 3D welding, drilling, cutting, and DED additive

Flexibility and user-friendliness

The most versatile processing platform available today capable of performing precision 2D and 3D cutting, welding, drilling as well as Direct Energy Deposition additive manufacturing


Reliability and efficiency

Machine and laser generator by Prima Group – over 40 years of experience in laser material processing technology
The third generation of BeamDirector® technology grants fast, accurate, and most versatile 3D beam delivery.
The full 5-axis range of motion allows for processing within the entire work envelope and the BeamDirector provides unparalleled access to hard to reach parts.

  • Great accessibility both from the front than from the two sides
  • High precision processing – less waste of material
  • Low operating costs and reduced maintenance
Travel X axis

Y axis

Z axis


1100 mm (43.3 in.)

800 mm (31.5 in.)

600 mm (23.6 in.)

900 degrees continuous motion in C axis

300 degrees continuous motion in D axis

Speed X-Y and Z

Rotary Axis

> 50 m/sec

0-90 rpm

0-30 rpm

Acceleration X, Y, and Z


1.2 g on each axis

88 rads/sec2

Accuracy X, Y, and Z


± 0.012 mm (0.0005 in)

± 15 arcseconds

Repeatability X, Y, and Z


± 0.012 mm (0.0005 in)

± 15 arcseconds

The new state of the art in precision laser processing

Prima Power Laserdyne has over 40 years of experience with producing the highest precision laser machining systems. The LASERDYNE® 811 is the newest laser system in the LASERDYNE product line. Each system comes with the LASERDYNE S94P laser process controller to provide programming flexibility and process capabilities.


– BeamDirector® for flexible beam delivery and performance

– Precision laser processing for welding, drilling, cutting, and DED additive applications

– Quality, flexibility, and speed

– Ergonomic and easy accessibility

– Easy access with a large front door and 2 side doors

– LASERDYNE® System 94P integrated controller

– 3 – 7 axis configurations
– LASERDYNE System 94P Laser Process Controller

LASERDYNE 3rd Generation BeamDirector®

Prima Power Laserdyne’s third-generation BeamDirector® has the features that set it apart from other 3D systems. There is the full 5-axis range of motion that allows for processing within the entire work envelope.
The BeamDirector provides unparalleled access to hard to reach parts. The BeamDirector is capable of processing as shallow angles up to 10° to the surface. This shallow angle can be processed for the entire 43.5 inches (1100 mm) of the Z-axis.

System features and benefits

LASERDYNE® 811 is unique with its large, front automated door and two side doors. The ergonomic accessibility allows for safe entry into the enclosure.
There are two wide opening doors with latches on each side of the enclosure. The combination of these three access points makes loading and unloading large parts easy.
There is the option of getting an automated front turn table to make processing quicker for small part components.
This option allows for one processed part to be removed and a new part to be loaded onto the table while the other side of the turn table is being processed.
Near the top of the enclosure on both front corners are LED colored lights that indicate the system status.
This light system is also located on top of the large display screen console. Both the MDI jog screen and camera can be opened on the same screen with lines of command below.

One platform, three configurations

LASERDYNE® 811 is a flexible platform that can be adapted to suit the needs of different customers in different market segments. It can perform precision 2D and 3D cutting, drilling, welding, and DED additive, depending on the configuration.


Aerospace version

The ideal solution for high precision drilling, welding, and 3D cutting

Automotive version

Suited for high productive 2D and 3D laser processing

Additive version

Compact and efficient Direct Energy Deposition additive machine


Processing power

Prima Power Laserdyne engineers and customers know how important it is to produce parts correctly, efficiently, and with a consistent high quality.
The integrated System 94P Laser Process Controller provides the user with the tools needed to produce the parts they need.


SmartTechniques, the LASERDYNE exclusive features and benefits, is included with the system process control.
Here are some of the exclusive SmartTechniques included with each LASERDYNE® system:

SmartRamp™ Eliminates the bulges at a weld start point and the depression at the end point to create a smooth, high-quality weld through precise laser control
SmartPierce™ Reduces that process time and cutting and drilling by reducing the secondary cleaning processes by producing a clean pierce and shorter time to pierce for cutting
SmartSense™ High precision, laser-based sensor that locates the actual part position with 2.5 µm resolution for precise and nonprecise parts.
SmartComp™ This feature automatically compensates for misaligned parts on a fixture of fixture on a rotary table. Faster part set-up.

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