Night Train FMS®

Night Train FMS® automates the material and information systems of a facility and combines individual manufacturing stages into a single flexible process.

Same investment – more capacity

More production with less floor space

Less storage and work-in-progress

Less man hours and more machine hours through unmanned operation

Shorter lead time for product changes and new products

Practically zero times for set-up changes – fast, automatic change from one product to another

Automation – high, even component quality

Servo-electric technology – less energy – less waste of material – less CO2

Space saving and automated – less factory logistics

High efficiency – more output during machine run

High material saving % – less burden on the environment

Trains don’t stop for the night – why should your production?

The history of Prima Power’s flexible manufacturing systems is a long and famous one, the first one being installed as early as in 1990 and followed by hundreds of others.

Night Train FMS® automates the material and information systems of a facility and combines individual manufacturing stages into a single flexible process. Systems are customized using the wide Prima Power range of high performance machine tools, integrated cells, automatic material handling solution and software. Due to the wide range, the optimum solution can be found for all work changes.

With Night Train FMS® the manufacturer gets superior cost efficiency and flexibility in component production. With customized production, efficiency approximating that of serial production can be reached also in small batch fabrication. At the same time, the technology is perfectly suited to highly efficient serial production. A well engineered FMS can become a dedicated manufacturing line for one product now, and in a few seconds or minutes for another product next month, or next year.

Typical work stages in Night Train FMS® are punching, forming, shearing, laser cutting and bending. The modular Prima Power FMS concept allows the system to be built according to plant-specific requirements. Further, the system need not remain static. Cells, individual machines, work stations can be upgraded, changed or added, and storage capacity expanded. Manufacturing technology can live with the times.

The Prima Power years of experience guarantee that the solution for each function, as well the overall engineering of the system, are based on thoroughly proven knowhow in

  • system customization
  • software
  • machine tools and cells
  • material handling automation
  • customer support and
  • service


  • Automatic information flow from programming to production reporting
  • An integrated production system, reducing the whole fabrication process into a single stage
  • Fully automatic manufacturing stages
  • Fully automatic material handling including intelligent buffering
  • Minimum manufacturing time, and maximum production time


Night Train FMS® – leading technology in automated flexible manufacturing


A system that meets specific requirements and adapts as they change

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