COMBO FMS® (Retired)

COMBO FMS® is a flexible material system with the compact COMBO storage as key module in automating the material flow.

Same investment – more capacity

More production with less floor space

Less storage and work-in-progress

Less man hours and more machine hours through unmanned operation

Shorter lead time for product changes and new products

Practically zero setup times – fast, automatic change from one product to another

Servo-electric technology – less energy – less waste of material – less CO2

Space saving and automated – less factory logistics

High efficiency – more output during machine run

High material saving – less burden on the environment 

One to three machines or cells with compact automation

COMBO FMS® is a flexible material system with the compact COMBO storage as key module in automating the material flow. It makes different materials available at the working point quickly and practically and can also serve as intermediate storage for ready components and as a buffer.

One, two or three machines or cells can be integrated in the system; depending on the required work stages and techniques, these are selected from the wide range of Prima Power solutions for punching, laser cutting, integrated punching / shearing and punching / laser cutting and bending.

COMBO is also the standard storage in the automatic PSBB line (short for punching – shearing – buffering – bending).

COMBO FMS® by Prima Power is a compact solution customized to meet specific production requirements. The Prima Power years of experience guarantee that the solution for each function, as well the overall engineering of the system, are based on thoroughly proven knowhow in
  • system design
  • software
  • machine tools and cells
  • material handling automation
  • customer support and service
The Combo storage allows processing of components from a variety of materials, which can be changed, as programmed, automatically. The sheets are automatically transferred into machines and cells of the system.


– Wide range of machine tools and cells can be integrated

– Compact, automatic storage solution

– Typical cells and machines in a COMBO FMS® are a turret punch press, a PLATINO® laser cutting machine, a Shear Genius® punching – shearing cell, an integrated punching – laser cutting cell or a bending.

– In some configurations the parts, sheet, and eventual skeletons can be returned into storage after processing.

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