Tulus® MUPS

Machine user personal assistant designed to improve efficiency and reduce waiting times at the production site. Remote status monitoring gives access to current machine status from the factory or elsewhere in the world.

Improving efficiency of daily operations is reflected in the following features:

  • Overview of current and upcoming machine operations
  • Tooling installation instructions
  • Remote machine status monitoring

Save time – reduce machine idle times

Increase utilization – fast and accurate tool change times with less risks of human mistake

Better planning of everyday work – you can also do other tasks and be sure that the machine and whole production is running smoothly

Machine User Personal Assistant

Prima Power Tulus Mups

Tulus® Mups is a machine user personal assistant. This application is designed to improve efficiency and reduce waiting times at the production site. The main functions of the application include:


Quick overview of the current and upcoming tasks and active alarms. It shows the operaor how many minutes are left before the next task. Once the task is done, it automatically updates the status of this task at all control desks of the production line.


Tooling information and installation instructions. If you need to change physical tool parameters you can do it in the applicaton and it will automatically update these parameters with the Tulus Cell database.


Remote monitoring of machine current status and ongoing operations. You can see if the machine is running or if it is on idle or if it has stopped due to an unexpected alarm.

Tulus Mups Remote

Tulus® Mups can be installed on a smart phone or a tablet. It utilizes a secure VPN connection to guarantee data safety and security. You can set up remote access from anywhere in the world through Tosibox® Mobile Client connection.

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