Agricultural & construction

agricultural & constructionMain challenges and requirements

The main requirements in this field are high productivity and high flexibility because of the wide range of models that have to be manufactured.

The production systems must provide highest standard of reliability and be suitable for mass production.

The components are typically medium or large size parts, highly customized, and their thickness varies if they are structural or body parts.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Prima Power machines can be used for fabricating both structural and body parts, since they are very flexible in terms of size and thickness of the parts to be processed.
  • Our press brakes and automatic bending machines offer complete solutions to any bending requirement in both thin and thick material. They feature high bending accuracy and repeatability, and capability to perform complex bending profiles.
  • Our LPe6 /8 offers servo-electric punching with ram force up to 30 ton and highest repeatability. Any shape can be cut in combination with the laser.
  • Our 2D laser machine PLATINO®, equipped with automation systems, is suitable for the manufacturing of flat parts for the cabin and the structure on a 24/7 basis.
  • Our OPTIMO®, the 3D laser machine with the largest working volume, allows you to work huge portions of the truck body also with no idle time thanks to the Split Cabin. The Vivida version, with redundant axes, turns the big OPTIMO® into an ultra-fast production tool.
  • Our services cover all the stages of the product life cycle and grant maximum productivity of the customer’s manufacturing operation.
  • All our products are designed and developed according to the “Green Means®” concept: productive and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Application examples

  • Covers, canopy and machine bodies
  • Body parts with large dimensions and reduced thickness
  • Structural parts and frames with medium and high thickness
  • Bonnets and panels
  • Fenders
  • Cabins

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