Yusuf Atik – Owner

Yusuf Atik – Owner

Dear Friends,

I have been the first company in Turkey to use Prima Power machines because I realized that they are suitable for my job. So, I greatly appreciate these products and still work with them.

Even if you want to improve your business I absolutely suggest to buy the CNC sheet metal machines. But there are a lot of differences between CNC machines and the old generation ones.

You should take care of the machine like your eyes, because it is precision instrument. If you ever decide to buy a CNC system, surely you should consider Prima Power that promotes the high standards of your job.

On the other hand, it is easy nowadays to buy a machine. I mean that you can find outstanding feature machines but, a very important aspect to consider, is the Service.

In case the Service doesn’t satisfy your requests, neither perform the reliable maintenance which you bought or does not intervene on time, it is distressful. Whereas we are satisfied with Prima Power service and their good approach.

I thank you all.

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