HVACMain challenges and requirements

The HVAC industry is characterized by high volume production, also with low volume batches, or even with single piece production. A combination of productivity and flexibility is the main challenge of this sector.

The demand is increasing, due to the energy-efficient programs for buildings, together with the diversification of the product range.

The variety of materials used (e.g. galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.) requires highly flexible equipment for processing them.

Quality is also a major requirement in the HVAC industry. Products have to be tested and certified and therefore all machinery involved in the fabrication process has to be accurate and repeatable. Moreover, secondary operations have to be avoided to increase productivity.

Most customer projects are cost-sensitive and therefore low operation costs, maintenance, labour costs, and low material waste, are among the key factors in the equipment decision process.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our product family covers the main processes that can be involved in the production of HVAC systems: cutting, punching, forming, drilling, shearing, bending, and welding. One single supplier means better processes integration, more efficient material flow, increased ease of use, and better investment.
  • Our products have been designed for flexibility: punching machines are capable to use a large amount of different tools, punch-shear integrated systems allow to process the most diversified parts with a single machine, fiber laser cutting (alone or combined with punching systems), is ideal for thin gauges and highly reflecting material typical of this sector.
  • Our products are suitable for high-volume as well as small-batch production, according to needs: no overproduction, reduced finished parts inventory, just-in-time production.
  • Our efficient and versatile nesting programs allow increased sheet utilization, quick component separation, shorter cycle times.
  • Our panel benders are an excellent solution for bending the panels of HVAC products in terms of parts dimensions, thickness, volumes, and batches.
  • High part quality obtained with our machines eliminates secondary operations, e.g. deburring, and reduces assembly times.
  • There is virtually no limit to the complexity of the parts to be fabricated with our machines.
  • Our laser machines are capable of processing tubes and profiles with the use of the rotary axis.
  • The seam obtained with our laser welding head is thin and precise and the control of the penetration depth is very accurate. In this way you can obtain completely watertight and strong welds, with uniform characteristics, so that hydroforming with pressurized oil of the “cushion” is possible, thus creating the heat exchanger.
  • All our systems feature minimal setup times and allow “lights out” operation.
  • Our wide range of automation modules allows a highly efficient material flow and unattended operation. They can be also added later, as budgets and production demands increase.
  • With our products it is possible to produce responsibly: you manufacture more parts, at lower cost, respecting the environment (Green Means®).
  • Services are an integral part of our offering. They grant maximum availability and utilization of our customers’ manufacturing capacity and allow its future development.

Application examples

  • sandwich panels
  • covers
  • grids
  • ducts
  • heat exchangers

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