Laser Next

Next is now: the new 3D laser system for automotive production is born at Prima Power.

Designed, developed, manufactured and tested for the production of automotive components, particularly HSS parts. With the new 2130 model Laser Next is suitable also for large sized parts (e.g. new door ring concept)

First-class performance to grant lowest cycle times and excellent quality

Higher OEE thanks to reduced downtime and maintenance

Space saver, especially for multi-machine configuration

  • Less energy, less waste of material, no laser gases – Less CO2
  • Higher laser wall-plug efficiency, less cooling capacity required, less heat generation – Less CO2
  • Compact and automated – less factory space and logistics
  • High efficiency – more output during machine run

Work area
X 3,050 mm Y  1,530 mm / 2100 mm  Z 612 mm
A 360° B ±135° C ±12 mm

Axis speed
X, Y, Z 120 m/min (trajectory 208 m/min)
A, B 1.5 rev/s

Laser source Fiber 3,000 W – 4,000 W

Next level machine

Prima Power, with almost 20 years experience in hot stamped steel industry, presents Laser Next, the world’s fastest 3D laser machine. It grants very low cycle times (+25% throughput compared with previous model) and excellent Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Laser Next features a highly space efficient layout, both for stand-alone and multi-machine configuration. Given the same area, it is possible to install four Laser Next instead of three units of the previous model.Considering the performance of Laser Next, its productivity per square meter is simply astonishing. You can have up to three machines one next to the other connected to the same magnetic scrap conveyor, with no need of excavation works.

The new Laser Next 2130 is designed and developed for the cutting of large sized automotive compenents, e.g. the new door ring concept.


Laser Next provides an SW and HW interface for external automatic loading/unloading system which can be connected to machine’s standard turn table.


– Direct motors and transducers with optical scales on main axes and on focusing head: superior dynamics and precision
– Synthetic granite frame with state-of-the-art topological optimization for smooth machine movements, even at the highest dynamics
– Focusing head with lean architecture, direct motors, double SIPS, standard FPC
– Well-organized spaces for optimized layout
– Excellent fumes exhausting performance
– Magnetic and mechanical scraps conveyor
– High precision turntable with servo motor and absolute encoder
– Short distance between photocells and table thanks to reduced turntable blocking times: ergonomics and safety in loading/unloading operations
– Two windows with integral interlocks for visibility and safety

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