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Our online services are:

  1. The Operator
  2. Teleservice

1. The Operator

The Operator ensures production efficiency.

The Operator is a new service by Prima Power. It provides real-time, accurate information on the condition of manufacturing technology to form the basis for eventual intervention. Information helps eliminate problems before they occur and saves time in correcting malfunctions.

The Operator is a powerful tool for maximizing uptime and manufacturing efficiency, as well as for prolonging the productive life cycle of fabrication technology.

OpView is the basic service package of The Operator, which can be supplemented by choosing OpSupport, OpEfficiency or both.

OpView – exact information

Condition monitoring improves productivity and allows systematic, planned maintenance, better utilization of planned downtime and helps avoid unplanned production stops. With condition monitoring, the technology is reliably available for productive operation, and its service life is extended.

OpView data collection speeds up troubleshooting and problem solving. The distance monitoring system collects machine data, records operation history, as well as logs data of component usage and alarms. The information is uploaded to a Prima Power data base.

The ensuing condition report is an instrument for monitoring the condition of critical machine components. Among other things, it gives information on travel and temperatures of servo controlled axes. There are two monthly test runs, one for checking whether the energy consumption of the motor has changed in given process stages and one for measuring clearances in critical axes.

OpSupport – partnership in production

The basis of OpSupport is a direct contact of Prima Power with the customer’s manufacturing technology. It provides fast access to information about eventually required service action.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A new OpSupport feature is live video monitoring of the equipment. Thus, for example, a damaged component can be seen directly and any delay avoided in ordering the correct spare part. Using the recording option (*), past operation can be reviewed to clarify what has really happened, and often find the reason for it.

(*) Legislation and rules concerning workplace monitoring must be observed.

OpEfficiency – ensuring maximum efficiency

OpEfficiency produces an efficiency report, containing a breakdown of total idle time and analyses of alarms and machine condition. The condition analysis of critical components is made manually by a specialist using condition reports and data collected. The condition of the equipment can be easily seen at a glance. The most frequent alarms are listed in a histogram.

In consultancy service, a specialist has access to the information of condition reports, data collection and efficiency reports. On request, the specialist will analyze the material, make a summary and recommend actions for improving overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

2. Teleservice

Fast and simple remote diagnostic and assistance.

Teleservice is a service for the remote diagnostic and assistance.

The Customer’s machine is linked through the Internet with the computers of our Call Center. Here, skilled service engineers are available to operate remotely with the Customer’s CNC.

This service requires constant monitoring of the machine data by professional service technicians. Therefore it ensures a high level of uninterrupted production.

  • For machines in which The Operator is not available.
  • Use of modern telecommunication technology to overcome difficulties caused by geographical distance.
  • Real-time monitoring from the service centre via telephone connection or Internet.
  • Many problems can be solved at minimum cost and minimum downtime through on-line cooperation.
  • Should a service call turn out to be necessary, the specialist starts his trip having access to complete information of the case at hand.

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