Platino Fiber Evo

Laser cutting for sheets of any thickness. Fast, reliable, connected


  • suite of options to adapt the laser machine to any application need: SMART Cut, MAX Cut, NIGHT Cut
  • great cutting flexibility for any thickness in the range
  • two types of cabins available to suit every need


  • laser system with very low power consumption, minimum maintenance and consumables


  • high performance in cutting any thickness in the range


  • based on the Platino platform boasting over 20 years of experience and installations worldwide

Less energy and no laser gases thanks to the use of high brilliance fiber laser sources

Higher laser wall-plug efficiency, less cooling capacity required, less heat generation

Compact and automated laser system – Less factory space and logistics

High efficiency – more output during machine operation

Work area
X= 3,000 mm; Y= 1,500 mm; Z= 150 mm  (suitable for 120″ x 60″ sheets)

Axis speed
100 m/min (combined 140 m/min)

Laser fiber power  2,000 W –  3,000 W – 4,000 W –  6,000 W

Fiber cutting machine tailored on your application

The 2D Platino Fiber Evo laser machine has been developed by Prima Power to maximize customerscompetitiveness according to their application. The machine is provided with a series of option suites dedicated to different production needs:


SMART Cut, for fast cutting of thin sheets (up to 5 mm) allows a reduction of the cycle times up to 30%


MAX Cut, for fast laser cutting of medium-high thickness sheets, makes it possible to reduce processing times up to 40%


NIGHT Cut, for intensive production, grants a higher piercing and cutting process safety

A tried and tested fiber cutting machine with innovative solutions

These suites add further value to a flexible, reliable and high performing fiber laser system, based on a tried and tested platform in over 2000 installations across the globe.

Platino Fiber Evo is available with high brilliance, energy efficient fiber lasers with 2, 3, 4 or 6 kW power.
The new cutting head with adaptive collimator, designed and manufactured by Prima Power, is equipped with a single focus lens and is suitable for all production needs.
It is a fiber laser cutting head with adaptive optics for automatic focus position and diameter control. Thanks to a quick, reactive and precise stand-off measurement, the new head ensures excellent quality and dynamic cutting of all materials, it can also be used with maximum cutting pressures (certified mechanical structure) and in the most difficult environments (totally sealed structure).

The new cabins are available in two versions: LEAN, compact, quicker to install and more economic, and OPEN, with greater accessibility and visibility of the work area, which allows front, lateral and roof opening.

A wide range of modules for the automation of raw and processed sheets flow allows to answer customer’s expectations and gives the possibility to increase the system when the production needs vary over time: from automatic loading/unloading to automatic storage, from automatic selection and stacking of finished parts to the integration with a flexible manufacturing system (FMS).

Compatible automation


Prima Power fiber technology

  • Prima Power Fiber Laser head with adaptive collimator, equipped with single lens for cutting sheets of any material and thickness
  • SMART Cut, MAX Cut, NIGHT Cut to better fit your laser machine to your application
    optical chain totally sealed and protected from any contamination
  • SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System) protecting the fiber laser head in case of crash
  • quick alignment system (OPC) – high dynamics focal axis with 35 mm stroke
  • wide range of nozzles for any application; an automatic nozzle change system is available on request
  • high brilliance fiber laser with 2, 3, 4 or 6 kW power: over 30% wall-plug efficiency, low maintenance and consumables.

Open and ergonomic architecture

  • the fiber cutting machine design grants compactness, maximum accessibility and ergonomics
  • synthetic granite base for thermal stability and vibration damping

Simple and efficient CNC and software

  • new generation, easy-to-use Open CNC
  • easy and fast off-line programming with MAESTRO-Libellula® and NC Express e3 CAD/CAM systems

Tube processing and automation

  • main axes management and prearrangement for additional axes (e.g. tube laser processing)
  • wide range of configurations for automatic sheet handling and storage

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