Flexible, user-friendly and compact flat cutting machine with an excellent price/performance ratio. Automatic management of materials and thicknesses.

Cost effectiveness
– best performance/price ratio
– limited initial outlay and low running costs
– compact for floor space savings

– wide range of materials and thickness
– tubes and profiles cutting capabilities

User friendliness
– Easy operating interface – fast setup and less waiting time

– Compact & automated – less factory logistics

– High productivity – more output during machine run

– Total accessibility for loading/unloading and maintenance

– Synthetic granite frame – less CO2 compared with conventional welded structures

Work area
Platino 1530   
X  3,048 mm    Y  1,524 mm  Z  150 mm
Platino 2040   X   4,064 mm   Y  2,032 mm  Z  150 mm

Axis speed
Platino 1530   100 m/min (combined 140 m/min)
Platino 2040    80 m/min (combined 110 m/min)

Laser source  CO2 2,500 W – 5,000 W 

The laser for everyone

PLATINO® is the general purpose 2D laser machine by Prima Power utilized around the globe across a multitude of applications, manufacturing demands, and budgets.

PLATINO® cuts a broad range of materials and thicknesses with speed and precision without the need for manual adjustment. Change over to tube processing can be achieved with zero set-up time.

Available in two sizes (1530 and 2040) and with laser powers ranging from 2500 W to 5000 W, PLATINO® is suitable for every application.

Thanks to its wide range of automation modules, PLATINO® is the right solution for both small batches and large-scale production.

Compatible automation


– compact design for minimum footprint and easy transportation and installation
– synthetic granite frame for best thermal stability and vibration damping
– maximum accessibility to the machine
– CO2 laser up to 5,000 W manufactured by Prima Electro: wide range of thicknesses from 0.5 to 25 mm and the best efficiency for a CO2 laser
– focusing head equipped with different lenses (5”, 7.5” or 9”), according to production needs
– cartridge system for fast lens change and optional automatic nozzle  changer
– F-axis for controlling the focal position independently of the Z-axis
–  SIPS (Safe Impact Protection System) protecting the machine head in case of collisions with workpieces or fixtures
– user-friendly and ergonomic P30L CNC with 17” LCD touch screen and trackball
– rotary axis for the processing of tubes and profiles
– wide range of modules for the automation of the material handling and storage

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