hP Series

ECO hydraulic bending solution for high tonnage market

Max. bending force and length

hP-2740: 2,750 kN x 4,100 mm

hP-2760: 2,750 kN x 6,100 mm

hP-3340: 3,300 kN x 4,100 mm

hP-3360: 3,300 kN x 6,100 mm

hP-4040: 4,000 kN x 4,100 mm

hP-4060: 4,000 kN x 6,100 mm

hP-5040: 5,000 kN x 4,300 mm

hP-5060: 5,000 kN x 6,300 mm

hP-6440: 6,400 kN x 4,300 mm

hP-6460: 6,400 kN x 6,300 mm

  • Reflex frame crowning compensation system
  • Adaptive Crowning
  • 300 mm stroke with 500 mm table ram daylight
  • Hydraulic hardened upper clamping for Wila style tools
  • Hydraulic hardened lower clamping for Wila style tools
  • Self-centring table
  • 2 standard front supports
  • CNC controlled 4 axes back gauge: X, R, Z1, Z2
  • DSP-AP Laser Safety device with PLC
  • 1 standard foot pedal
  • Work area LED lighting
  • TeleService remote assistance
  • CNC Esa S660W
  • Hydraulic unit

Hydraulic bending technology by Prima Power

Prima Power hP press is the hydraulic response for high tonnage market.
It is the perfect combination of force and versatility of the hydraulic technology, as well as of energy saving and sustainability of the ECO package. The Adaptive Crowning and the Reflex System make this press brake the most accurate machine in today’s market.
The hP can be connected in tandem, or integrated into automated lines or robotic cells.


Adaptive Crowning

To avoid and compensate any deflection of the frame, a triple bottom table is supplied. This solution allows installing the Adaptive Crowning with the advantage to measure the ram deflection and to compensate in real time, in order to manage the material variability.

Two precision sensors adapt in real time to the ram deformation: the first one detects the ram yield from the beginning of the bend, the CNC activates the cylinders in the lower ram until the reading of the second sensor is equal to the first one.
This leads to the complete control at maximum precision and absolute repeatability, with any material.

Reflex Compensation System

During the bending, the side frames are subject to strong forces that cause the deformation of the throat area. This effect is shown in the top beam moving away from the lower beam, compromising the accuracy of the control systems.

Reflex controls the deformation of the side frames thanks to different machine sensors and its hydraulic circuit.
The position of the ram is always under control during the bending process to guarantee the repeatability of the angle, whatever the part length, thickness variations, part positioning and sheet characteristics.

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