This impressive machine, innovative for the Spanish market, is much more environmentally friendly than conventional ones, its characteristic is to perform a cutting of the highest quality and precision.
The key of its success is based in the fiber laser, while traditional machines have a CO2 laser.
The fiber laser is the latest generation of laser cutting,actually there are few such machines in Spain and this is the only one present in the productive sector of the catering.
The advantages of the fiber laser are:
  1. High quality cutting: you can produce items of higher quality and better finishing.
  2. Very high cutting speed: this allows you to produce and deliver items faster.
  3. Energy saving (cost saving) in respect to the environment
It is a very important investment which allows Eratos SL to reach the top level concerning technology, quality and production speed.
The company still obtains an excellent production quality, speed of delivery, environmental protection  becoming a market leader of catering equipment.