Alfredo Darolfi – Vice President Mfg

Alfredo Darolfi – Vice President Mfg

In 2005 we replaced our high-definition plasma cutter with a Prima Power PLATINO laser. We chose this machine because after researching the industry we found that it had just as many, if not more machine features than the competitors, at a better price. Bang-for-your-buck, it was the best machine on the market.

One of the features I especially liked is the rotary axis option for the tube cutting. With zero setup time the PLATINO can change from  cutting flat sheet to processing cutting round or square tube in seconds. Now with the rotary axis everything gets done on the laser, fit and finish is perfect and it saves us a lot of time in assembly.

The rotary axis is a very important feature for our company. It’s cut our tube processing time down by at least 50%.

In 2008 we purchased a Prima Power C5 Compact Express. During the busy season we can run into the night unmanned. It was a stepping stone into automation. What the C5 Compact Express does in 3 hours, our old machine did in 8. It has tripled our productivity.”

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