Mark Brazier – Managing Director

Mark Brazier – Managing Director

By working in partnership with Prima Power since 2006, PAB in Coventry has been able to maintain and expand its leadership in the manufacture of prototype and production runs of formed pressing and panels for the prestige automotive market.

We have invested over £ 1 million with Prima Power. This is a strategic commitment that will continue into the foreseeable future.

For our investment in laser equipment, response and back-up was very important to us , as was the automation of the machine which was essential to meet production requirements. The technology and service offered by Prima Power ensures that we can provide the best possible continuity of delivery to our customers at the right quality.

We have had no serious breakdown problems with the machines and the service technicians have been extremely efficient.

Punching and laser processes save us significant cost in hard tooling, which we would otherwise need for small prototype runs.

The cost of capital equipment is a major factor, but the quality of service and support is of equal importance. It is a false economy to ignore the benefits it can bring to production efficiency, customer satisfaction and the lifetime costs of the machine. We rely entirely on Prima Power for maintenance, training and advice on the use of the machine, making us a very satisfied customer.

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