Green means

green meansThe Prima Power range has a long tradition of continuous development, greater flexibility and operating economy through versatility, high automation level and low energy and maintenance cost. Also for a long time, the ecological aspects have been included among design criteria.

Under the banner Green Means® this translates into technology and knowhow which meet the requirements of both productivity and more sustainable manufacturing.

In this brochure we present some of the many solutions which help Prima Power customers combine productivity with sustainability.

green means 2

What does Green mean?

  • Green means a win-win for you and sustainable development.
  • Sustainability adds to manufacturing efficiency and productivity.
  • Your customers, your employees and the community you operate in demand it more and more.
  • Sustainability & social responsibility are characteristics of a modern company and add to competitiveness.
  • They make a difference between the best and the rest.
  • And you make better sheet metal components at lower cost.

Green means – more profit with smaller footprint