Remote Care — Industry 4.0

Revolutionizing remote diagnostics & maintenance

For over 100 years most of sheet metal manufacturing companies have operated according to the same principle: 1) The machine stops, 2) The service support team identifies the problem and travels to customer on-site to fix a breakdown, 3) Machine is fixed and is back running in the production.

Today, in the age of Industry 4.0 Prima Power offers customers a leading edge technology — Remote Care service. Instead of waiting for the machine unexpected interruption, Remote Care proactively analyzes machine performance, ensures production efficiency, helps to avoid unplanned production stops and saves time in correcting malfunctions. Remote Care is a powerful tool for maximizing uptime and manufacturing efficiency.

Remote Care Benefits

Remote Care benefits

Remote Care: How does it work?

Remote Care condition monitoring provides systematic and planned maintenance and speeds up troubleshooting and problem solving. The remote monitoring system collects machine data, records operation history, as well as logs data of component usage and alarms and stores it in Prima Power database.

Collected data is used to produce efficiency reports, containing a breakdown of total idle time and analyses of alarms and machine condition. On request, Prima Power specialists will analyze the material, make a summary and recommend actions for improving overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

With Remote Care, you have an overview of the current condition of individual machines as well as the production as a whole. Remote Care enables a direct online contact of Prima Power with the customer’s manufacturing technology, providing fast access to machine condition and enabling faster remote service support.

A picture is worth a thousand words and Remote Machine Care has a live video function of monitoring of the equipment. Thus, for example, a damaged component can be seen directly and any delay avoided in ordering the correct spare part. In case of a critical issue, the customer is contacted in time to prevent the machine intervention.

Remote Care: Packages

Prima Power offers three Remote Care packages as a part of the service agreement: Basic, Standard and Premium. With Remote Care customers can choose the most suitable service package satisfying their production needs. If production requirements change, you can easily switch between one service package to another. Prima Power goal is to provide the best remote service experience tailored specifically to customer needs.

Remote Care Packages

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To download the remote support software, please use following links:

LIVELET.EXE (only for Windows NT)

Data privacy

Data safety and privacy are very important to Prima Power and we do our best to keep our customers secure. Remote access to the machine is achieved through a device in the customer’s machine. The device creates a secure VPN-connection between customer’s machine and Prima Power. Collected machine data is stored in a secure cloud service and our data safety policy ensures that the access to the machine is granted only to certified persons. Remote Care built-in firewall adds extra security.