Shear Genius® SG

Unique combination of integrated punching and shearing only Prima Power can offer. With 30 years experience.
  • Modular design = Two alternative performance levels and possibility to add automation for flexible material flow
  • More capacity, quality and cost-efficiency
  • No skeletons, less punching scrap = savings in raw material
  • No nibble marks
  • Faster return on investment
  • Brush tables for low noise level and to maintain perfect sheet surface quality.
  • 30 tons punching force up to 8 mm = various end user solutions
  • Shearing saves punching tools = fewer hits,
    less wearing = faster production and part flow
  • Fully servo-electric – no hazardous oil waste
  • Operations can be handled from one side = simple, efficient factory logistics
  • Effective footprint = 105 m2 with sheet loading device
  • Servo-electric punching and shearing = low maintenance cost
  • Average power consumption: 5 kW = less use of energy
  • High material saving = 10 % (average) better sheet utilization compared with a stand-alone punching machine
  • Noise level only 73,3 dB with 1 mm material (MS)

Two models: SG1530 and SG1540

  • Max sheet size
    SG1530: 3,074 mm x 1,565 mm
    SG1540: 4,300 mm x 1,565 mm
  • Max. sheet thickness
    punching: 8 mm
    shearing: Aluminium 5 mm, Mild steel 3 mm, Stainless steel 3 mm
  • Customized turret
    Max. tools in turret: 384
    Max. index tools in turret: 128

Two performance levels: Pure and Dynamic

The new Genius series has models on two complementary performance levels. Pure meets all the targets set for an attractively priced, yet efficient production machine; Dynamic offers the best productivity and performance in the market. Both models come with the latest features and can be equipped with the whole range of options.

  • Ram force
    SG Pure: 250 kN (25 US Tons)
    SG Dynamic: 300 kN (33 US Tons)
  • Max. hit speed
    SG Pure: 1,800 hpm
    SG Dynamic: 2,500 hpm
  • Positioning speed
    SG Pure: 127 m/min
    SG Dynamic: 150 m/min
  • Index tool rotation speed
    SG Pure: 180 rpm
    SG Dynamic: 250 rpm

Integrated punching and shearing, how and why


Prima Power has manufactured punch presses since 1982. In 1987 a right angle shear was integrated to the press. A most powerful manufacturing cell was born.

Shear Genius loading side

The main functions of the cell

  • automatic sheet loading
  • punching and right angle shear functions
  • automatic scrap and part sorting to different addresses



Efficient, reliable and material saving

drawer_cabin w550The vast majority of all fabricated sheet metal components are rectangular. The economical method to produce them is to first perform punching and then shear the components loose in the automatic process with an integrated right angle shear.

To make this method also efficient and reliable Prima Power has the latest technology and innovations. Numerically controlled, servo-electric axes together with proprietary software and large tooling capacity guarantee versatility in part geometry and sufficient volume for all industrial segments.

Today, right angle shear technology is used in most varied applications like panels, doors, HVAC, cabinets etc. The punch & shear can work as in independent production cells, or as central units within automatic material handling systems up to a factory-wide FMS level.


Benefits of integrated shearing

  • High sheet utilization, no skeletons
  • High part edge quality
  • Stable skeleton during whole process
  • Most reliable production method
  • Easy to automate
  • Lowest cost per part

RS in action w1100

No setups

Unbeatable tooling concept by Prima Power is a time saver – no extra stops for tool changes, no setups – all tools are active for immediate use.

  • SG turret with Prima Power toolsCustomizable turrets
  • Compatible with different tool manufacturers
  • Multi-Tools®
  • Index tools
  • Intelligent ram

Large tooling capacity in active use

A totally re-designed turret which can be customized and optimized for any requirement. Simultaneously, a record-breaking number of 384 tools can be inserted in the turret. The maximum number of index tools has also been raised to 128.

Turret examples

20 hole turret: customer specific layout with 81 tools, of which 25 index tools.
16 hole turret: customer specific layout with 79 tools, of which 39 index tools.

Click image to enlarge.

Intelligent ram

Intelligent Ram 3DIntelligent ram is a rotating ram head which shortens tool change time and increases the number of tools in turret and especially that of index tools. Up to 300 kN servo-electric punching force can be selected for the ram. Automatic overload protection and automatic central lubrication ensure dependable machine operation.


Multi-Tool® – turret in a turret

3 different Multi-ToolsThe turret can be equipped with Multi-Tool® stations to increase the number of tools. The latest development in Multi-Tool® technology is the possibility of using drop-in style indexable Multi-Tools® on D-size index tool holders.

More value to parts with special tools

High upforming

An additional forming cylinder is available. It is a servo-operated ram installed in the lower machine frame. It lifts the forming die to a programmed position. The cylinder provides 200 kN forming power for speedy making of complicated forms up to 16 mm (0.63″) in height (incl. sheet thickness). All forming tools are indexable.


Fast component identificationMarking samples w550

There are several solutions for adding information to components to ensure reliable identification with different types of marking tools. Shear Genius can also be equipped with an inkjet marker or a labelling device.

Easy and versatile tappingMultithread and sample

Further options include the servo-operated tapping unit TU6, an automatic six-head tapping station and tapping monitoring system.



Tulus® GUI

Shear Genius is operated with a modern control unit. Management of machine set-up and work queues is easy with Tulus® user interface.

Digital ordering process

Prima Power has developed more software to ease both operator’s work and order management. TaskLoader, Tulus MUPS and Tulus e-Kanban are lightweight applications which, depending on the app, communicate with the machine and ERP and can be used with a smartphone or tablet.

TaskLoader-eKanban-MUPS (w1100h312)

Proprietary software

Special attention has been paid to ease of machine setups and efficient programming. The benefits include excellent possibilities for e.g. roll forming and for other special tooling. With optional features, the software can be made compatible with standard ERP connections for importing orders and exporting reports.


NC Express e3 programming system is a user friendly, integrated and automated tool for managing Prima Power equipment in the most efficient manner. As a scalable application it can be used as a single part drafting and tooling program or as a fully automatic machine tool programming system. Either way the results are the same – optimized automatic NC-code creation.

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Tulus® is management software of fabrication machines and systems. Tulus® controls machines with all essential information on machine related tasks within the same window. On arrival of new orders, Task management informs the operator of eventual needs for changes in materials, tooling, etc. Tool setting and other machine parameters can be easily set by interactive graphical interface. Additional production scheduling performance reporting and remote monitoring are available.

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sheet floating system

Scratch free parts

Sheet floating system prevents effectively the scratching of sensitive materials. The movement is activated by the program when needed and special scratch free punching mode is available.

Brushes up = sheet moving

Brushes down = sheet processing

Modular automation as required

SG with FL storage

Most commonly, Shear Genius is shipped with the automatic loading device LD for 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm sheets. To fully utilize the massive capacity provided by the manufacturing cell, a range of modular solutions is available for flexible automation of the material flow in 24/7. Further, Shear Genius can be integrated with other cells, e.g. an automatic bending cell, to become the heart of a Flexible Manufacturing System.

More efficiency with automatic functions and technology 

  • sorting
  • buffering
  • stacking
  • automatic storages
  • automatic bending

SG an EBe5 in PSBB w1100

Over 30 years of integrated punching and shearing

2017 Prima Power celebrated 30 years of integrated punching and shearing. At that time there was almost 3,000 installed machines all over the world. Right angle shear technology is used throughout the industrial world in most varied applications as independent production cells or as central units with automatic material handling systems.


Green means – more profit with smaller footprint

green_means__additional_artworks_640x480Green means a win-win for you and sustainable development.

Sustainability adds to manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Your customers, your employees and the community you operate in demand it more and more.

Sustainability and social responsibility are characteristics of a modern company and add to competitiveness.

They make a difference between the best and the rest.

And you make better sheet metal components at lower cost.

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