Tulus® Cell

Tulus® is integrated and scalable software family for centralized management of fabrication. Tulus® manages the whole production process from part order handling to ready parts and production reports. Tulus® family offers a wide range of functions to make the production and day-to-day work more efficient.

Highly logical and modern user interface which is easy to use

Flexible process management and control solution which can be integrated into other systems and customized to meet specific requirements

Total coverage and efficiency for the whole production process; from part order handling to the finished part and production reports

  • Automatic, high-quality part processing
  • Fast tool setup
  • Production follow-up and parameter online editing
  • Graphical reports for analyzing and improving the production

Easy ERP connectivity

Save time
  • Minimize unnecessary machine idle times
  • Tulus® Performance Reporting helps to improve the production, and no machine idle time remains unsolved

Save material

  • Test part function enables you to check the part correctness before running the complete sheet
  • Tulus® Production Reporting enables you to follow the material utilization rate to reduce waste

Software for efficient sheet metal working


Prima Power Tulus Cell

Tulus® is an integrated and scalable software tool for centralized fabrication management. Tulus® controls machines by tasks and provides an easy way of adding new production orders to the task list. The task list contains all essential information on machine-related tasks that are in the same window. Task management automatically responds to the working order, giving immediately a new production schedule including tool and material changes as well as estimated delivery times.

The benefits of Tulus® software range are numerous, but the Tulus® family is also compatible with previous programming and control generations.

Whatever the size of the machine or the system, the Tulus® family provides a flexible process management and control solution which can be integrated with other systems and customized to meet specific requirements. A perfect example is Tulus® Power Processing, which communicates with the factory ERP and performs as Manufacturing Execution System.

Tulus® family offers a wide range of functions to make the production and day-to-day work more efficient:

Tulus® Cell

is a machine user interface for the shearing, punching, Combi and 2D laser machines. Its simple, yet informative views provide intuitive controls of machine operation, tools, machining order and sorting of the finished parts. Tulus® Cell provides great flexibility with minimum setup times. Thus, during machine operation you can add or remove tasks without interrupting the working process. Synchronization of the tool library between CAM software and Tulus Cell allows more accurate production programming with minimum tool changes at the production site. Automatic loading, sorting and stacking allow having the whole production in unattended, lights out operation.

Tulus® Bend

is a machine user interface for Prima Power bending machines. You can verify geometry and bending parameters of the part in 3D graphic view either manually or automatically. Tooling library manages precise comparison between the tools on the machine and the ones configured. Tulus® Bend HMI shows machine status, alarms, axis coordinates, inputs, etc. for complete diagnostic purposes.

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Tulus® Performance Reporting gives a huge amount of information about machine performance, efficiency, and utilization. It creates graphical reports on all machine time, including processing, idle, and fault time, and also on alarm history data. Performance reporting is available also for third-party machines.

Performance report table1

Tulus® Production Reporting creates reports on processed production, including information about what material and programs have been used and what parts and components have been completed.

Tulus® Production report

Tulus® Mobile Information System sends information about machine events and alarms as SMS messages directly to a mobile phone. An SMS message about upcoming tasks helps to decrease idle times, for example in case tool change is needed or sheet material is running out. Active alarms are sent to an active mobile phone informing that the machine is down. Machine status and task information can also be retrieved by an inquiry.

Tulus® Mobile Information System

Tulus® MUPS is a Tulus® Machine User Personal Assistant. It’s an Android app for mobile or tablet. It is made to help and assist punching machine users to prepare and replace tools as easily and fluently as possible. It gives all the tool related information and instructions in a simple graphic way.

Tulus MUPS, SGe task list

Tulus e-Kanban can be used for all part ordering processes, not only sheet metal parts. Part’s metadata is used to determine where the order is placed, how large is the batch size, storage location, etc. Order can go either to ERP or directly to Tulus® Power Processing order management. Operators no longer need to look for paper orders because orders are entered digitally directly to where they are intended.

e-Kanban start screen


  • Fast production change requests and utilization optimization are easy to handle simultaneously
  • Possibility to reorganize, add, or remove tasks, depending on the production schedule even during machine run
  • Production follow-up, parameter editing online, and sorting and stacking management
  • Storage support
  • Possibility to divide production orders into production orders containing only one NC program
  • Visualized online machine status axis coordinates, inputs, etc. for easier diagnosis
  • Fast tool setup due to graphical turret view and online tool data synchronization with NC Express
  • Online bending process follow-up and machine task list
  • Support for Hebrew and Cyrillic character sets in Inkjet printing

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