The compact LPBB sheet metal manufacturing system processes blank sheets from an automatic storage into ready-bent, high-quality components automatically. The manufacturing system integrated punching, laser cutting, bending and intelligent part handling.
  • Outstanding versatility for complex manufacturing
  • Punching, forming, tapping, marking, fiber laser cutting, bending – “all-in-one”
  • High productivity, ease of operation, minimal set-up times
  • Excellent bending accuracy and surface and edge quality
  • Shorter lead time for product changes and new products
  • Minimum manufacturing time, maximum production time
  • Less storage and work-in-progress
  • Less man hours and more machine hours through unmanned operation
  • Automatic information flow from programming to production reporting with Tulus®  software products
  • Small power supply connection and very low energy consumption due to servo-electric punching and fiber laser cutting technologies
  • High efficiency – more output during machine run
  • Space saving and automated – less factory logistics
  • High material saving – less burden on the environment
  • Inherently low maintenance cost

True Genius in Multifunctional sheet metal processing technology

Prima Power LPBB – punching, laser cutting and bending integrated and automated

Prima Power LPBB

The outstanding productivity offered by the LPBB flexible sheet metal manufacturing system results from several factors.

Firstly, it is automatic and the process is extremely fast, which means low manufacturing cost per component. Secondly, it features both machine flexibility and routing flexibility, which is why minimum production time is wasted when changing from one product to the next one and the production time can always be put to maximum use. And thirdly, with the combination of integrated work stages and the precision with which they are performed even the most challenging fabrication tasks can be handled.

The productivity offered by this concept derives from integration of

  • Versatile servo-electric punching
  • Modern laser cutting
  • Servo-electric bending
  • Automatic, flexible material flow and
  • Sophisticated software
Combi Genius sheet loading
From punching and laser cutting to bending – with intelligent, automatic material and part handling.
Automatical bending
Read more of integrated punching and laser cutting HERE
Read more of automatical bending HERE

More capacity and higher utilization with extended configuration

Integration of an automatic material storage helps in utilizing the LPBB capacity in full allowing also lights-out production. Due to the wide range of automation and modular structure, the optimum solution can be found for every application and all system sizes.

Read more on configurations from the brochure.

LPBB with FL storage

LPBB with FL storage

LPBB with FL storage material flow

Material flow  1. Raw materials – 2. Skeletons – 3. Laser cut / punched parts

LPBB with Combo Tower

LPBB with Combo Tower


LPBB with Combo Tower material flow

Material flow  1. Raw materials – 2. Skeletons – 3. Laser cut / punched parts

LPBB with Night Train FMS®

LPBB in Night Train FMS

LPBB in Night Train FMS material flow

Material flow 

1. Raw materials to Night Train FMS®

2. Skeletons from Night Train FMS®

3. Ready parts to bending direct from the cutting head or through Night Train FMS®

Designed for design products

In addition to versatility, efficiency and accuracy the LPBB sheet metal manufacturing system has been designed to ensure that man-ufacturing and material handling technology meet the requirements set to edge and surface quality by design products.

Versatility of LPBB makes it possible to perform a wider range of manufacturing tasks. On the other hand, it gives more freedom to the design department to come up with the optimum product at optimum manufacturing cost. The most cost efficient manufacturing method or combination can be chosen, and automation and integration minimize non-value-added time.

Designed for design products

Complicated corner notching is a perfect example of fabrication tasks where the integrated laser proves its validity as a manufacturing technology. Using a variety of tools, some of them most likely special, notching could be made, but especially in smaller series the cost would be prohibitive. The integrated laser – “extra tool in turret” – of the Combi Genius handles the task economically, flexibly and fast.

Compact Grill by LPBB

Pizza oven by LPBB

Using Design for Manufacturing and Assembly as guideline, products with fewer parts, less material and better customization possibilities can be created – and manufactured.

Proprietary software

Special attention has been paid to ease of machine setups and efficient programming. The benefits include excellent possibilities for e.g. roll forming and for other special tooling. With optional features, the software can be made compatible with standard ERP connections for importing orders and exporting reports.


NC Express e3 programming system is a user friendly, integrated and automated tool for managing Prima Power equipment in the most efficient manner. As a scalable application it can be used as a single part drafting and tooling program or as a fully automatic machine tool programming system. Either way the results are the same – optimized automatic NC-code creation.

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Tulus® is management software of fabrication machines and systems. Tulus® controls machines with all essential information on machine related tasks within the same window. On arrival of new orders, Task management informs the operator of eventual needs for changes in materials, tooling, etc. Tool setting and other machine parameters can be easily set by interactive graphical interface. Additional production scheduling performance reporting and remote monitoring are available.

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LPBB – piece by piece as you needLPBB piece by piece

Investment in a Flexible Manufacturing System is a highly cost efficient solution when production targets are challenging. The investment is also easy to make since thanks to modularity the system can be flexibly built up in stages.

If, for example, technology currently used for bending gives satisfactory performance but the production of flat components needs to be improved, nothing prevents commissioning a punching – laser cutting cell now and upgrading it to FMS level with bending capacity later. Or vice versa, if the time to replace press brakes with an automatic bending cell is now, but blank fabrication capacity is sufficient, a punching – laser cutting cell can be integrated with Express Bender EBe years after it has been installed.

Also Prima Power material handling technology is modular and allows changes to be made as production targets develop. With the modular Prima Power storage solutions such as Night Train FMS® there is no limit to how many storage shelving units can be retrofitted when needed.

Finally, the wide range of punching and bending options is there to ensure that if something that is not needed today will become mandatory next year it can be added to the existing manufacturing line.


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