Steel furniture & panels

steel furniture & panelsMain challenges and requirements

The main requirement in this sector is high productivity combined with very high part quality.

The steel furniture field is also experiencing an increasing need for flexibility in the production volumes and freedom in design, with consequent demand of highly versatile production tools.

Wide use of pre-painted material is another aspect typical of this sector.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the basic and most common equipment in this sector, in particular for small and medium sized companies, and provide high flexibility at excellent cost/efficiency ratio.
  • Our combined punching – shearing systems grant the highest flexibility and productivity with dramatic material saving.
  • Our panel benders are widely used to manufacture steel furniture components, since they are suitable for part dimensions, thickness, volume, and batches typical of this sector.
  • PSBB (short for punching, right angle shearing, buffering and bending) is a fully automatic manufacturing line for processing raw sheet coming from packages or directly from coils into ready-bent, high-quality sheet metal components. PSBB line is the perfect solution for lights-out production of even the most intricate components from a variety of materials, which can be changed, as programmed, automatically.
  • The use of the laser technology offers flexibility in component shape, batch size and freedom in design.
  • There’s virtually no limit to the shapes obtainable with the laser tool.
  • The flexibility of the punch-laser combination is a winning feature when you need to have several fabrication technologies available.
  • Our 3D laser machines are also utilized for the customization of standard profiles in small batches or even as individual parts. The flexibility of the laser is a winning feature when you need to customize the product after the forming process: high customization level at low cost and with very high accuracy.
  • The large offering of Prima Power automation modules combines high productivity with flexibility and can be integrated incrementally, with the growing of the production needs.
  • Our professional services complement our advanced technology and are the key to better productivity and higher profits.
  • All our products are designed and developed according to the “Green Means®” concept, which combines productivity and sustainability.

Application examples

  • all sheet metal parts and panels can be processed with our machines
  • customization of profiles

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