subcontractingMain challenges and requirements

Flexibility is for sure the first requirement in the subcontracting field. Large number of applications with varying material, thickness, dimensions, profiles and quantities are the daily challenges of subcontractors.

All processes are involved in this field: punching, shearing, laser cutting and welding, bending, etc.

Together with versatility, also low hourly costs and fast setup times are mandatory. Competition is tough and offering high quality at low costs and in the shortest time is a winning strategy.

Ease of use is also essential in the choice of machinery. The continuous changes of production type have to be managed in the simplest and fastest way. Unattended operation is also more and more required to increase productivity.

Smart automatic loading-unlading systems and automatic storages are extremely beneficial. They allow to increase the availability of the machines, reducing the time for the material supply. Furthermore, storages are a warehouse for raw material and finished components, reducing also the space requirement.

The metallic components requested are more and more sophisticated and the component lifetime is increasingly shorter

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our product range is one of the widest and covers all processes: laser cutting, welding and drilling, punching, shearing, bending, automation. Our machines are capable of processing any kind of metallic material in a wide range of thicknesses. The large choice of options, tools and accessories available allow us to suit our products to any need our customers may have. The machines can be easily connected to each other, to automation modules, and to systems, up to factory-wide FMS.
  • Subcontracting is the sector where our machines are more widely utilized. Our products have been always developed to follow the needs of this field, to offer the most efficient solutions at the lowest cost.
  • Reliable part sorting and stacking solutions can be integrated in a modular way in punching machines, punch-laser combination systems and laser machines.
  • Prima Power specialized teams will support you in the choice of the best configuration for your kind of production, and for your current and future needs.
  • The efficiency of our products, with low energy consumption and low operating and maintenance costs, means low cost per component produced. High machine performance in every application and fast or zero setup times for production changes lead to very short cycle times.
  • Servo electric technology applied to punching, shearing and bending and fiber laser technology grant high energy efficiency, utmost precision and repeatability, and eco-friendliness in all our product range
  • Our products are easy to be used and programmed thanks to intuitive graphic interfaces and to the rich array of automated operations. Our machines can be easily operated by staff with little or no specific expertise.
  • Services are an integral part of our offering. They grant maximum availability and utilization of our customers’ manufacturing capacity and allow its future development.

Application examples

  • The range of applications if this field is virtually endless, subcontracting being involved in all industries.
  • Our machines are used around the globe to process e.g. steel furniture, electrical cabinets, lighting boxes, HVAC, elevators, domestic and commercial appliances, industrial machinery, agricultural and construction machinery, food and beverages, etc.
  • In case of automotive job shops, our 3D laser products are used to manufacture prototypes for all car body parts.

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