Prima Power ilk ‘Innovation Day’ etkinliğine ev sahipliği yaptı

Prima Power ilk ‘Innovation Day’ etkinliğine ev sahipliği yaptı

4 Ekim 2018

İlk 'Innovation Day' etkinliğimizde, Prima Industrie Group olarak, yeni lazer tabanlı inovatif teknolojilerimizi sunduk. Ayrıca, Katmanlı Üretim (Additive Manufacturing) çözümlerine odaklanan yeni markamız Prima Additive'i tanıttık.

On October 3rd, Prima Power Headquarters and Technology Center hosted its first “Innovation Day”, with over 160 guests from 20 different countries composed of customers and prospects, universities and research centres, and a high number of international media representatives.

During the event new laser-based, application-driven technologies for the Aerospace sector were presented and demonstrated. These unique solutions will further enlarge, particularly for welding, the application range covered by Prima Power Laserdyne products.

The Prima Industrie Group introduced also its new Prima Additive brand, dedicated to the design, production and marketing of turnkey solutions for metal powder bed fusion and direct metal deposition technologies, as well as application support and global service.

Commenting the event, Gianfranco Carbonato, Prima Industrie Group President stated “I’m particularly proud to introduce the first Innovation Day and to present this new brand, because it reinforces the pioneering spirit and the legacy of innovation of our Group. Back in the Seventies, we followed our vision and we entered the market of laser machines for industrial applications that was just at its beginning, and it was a winning choice. Today we are witnessing the developing of these new applications of laser to metal working and their disruptive potential. It is a fascinating new manufacturing paradigm, and we are ready to help our customers seizing these business opportunities.”