Laser Genius+

Prima Power laser machine faster, more precise, and with an excellent cost/performance ratio, for larger and heavier pieces.

Suitable for a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Excellent cost / performance ratio.

Excellent visibility and maximum accessibility for the operator.

Easy to use programming software and proprietary operator interface. Quick setup and reduced downtime.

The quickest installation ever thanks to the intelligent machine layout that eases the transportation and installation process.

Work area
X= 3,150 mm; Y= 1,600 mm; Z= 150 mm (suitable for 120″ x 60″ sheets)

Axis speed
130 m/min (trajectory 180 m/min)

Fiber laser source
2000 W – 3000 W – 4000 W – 6000 W – 8000 W – 10000 W


Laser Genius+ is the latest addition in the Prima Power 2D laser family.

It is a highly productive and flexible fiber laser machine with a reversible layout that can fit all customer’s environments without configuration compromise making Laser Genius+ suitable for all customer facilities and all kinds of productions.

Laser Genius+ has a gantry architecture that grants high levels of thermal stability and vibration damping and high dynamics, thanks also to the motors and drive with compact dimension with more power per space and highest energy efficiency.
Laser Genius+ is a plug-and-play machine. The laser generator, chillers, motors, optics are integrated inside the integrated service module and ensure ease and speed of installation: just two days are enough to go from delivery to production in any factory.

It is designed to have the biggest working range (3,150×1,600mm) of any other 2D laser machine on the market of the same size and has the best-in-class maximum processable workpiece weight of 1.150kg.
All Laser Genius+ most significant components, such as the CNC, laser generator, and machine mechanical structure are designed and developed by Prima Industrie Group granting the total control of laser process and top class reliability.

Machine features

Thanks to the high static and dynamic efficiency of the machine structure, the Laser Genius+ is able to push fiber laser technology to maximum levels of accuracy. These features, combined with the new fiber laser head, new electronics, and innovative mounting for the optics and centering system, guarantee the Laser Genius+ a maximum level of precision and cutting quality.

With high dynamic drives, the Laser Genius+ reaches a speed of 180 m/min, making it one of the faster and more productive machines on the market.

The Laser Genius+ is one of the smartest and most interconnected machines that Prima Power has ever produced, with new laser head sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms for advanced monitoring and process control functions.

Solutions and automation modules for round-the-clock production

The Laser Genius+ can be integrated with a wide range of automation solutions that allow users to automatically perform functions such as material loading/unloading, storage, and part sorting.
The modularity of Prima Power automation solutions allow for integration with the Laser Genius+ at any time, even well after the machine has been installed.

Compact Server with Third Pallet

The automatic pallet changer minimizes unproductive times, optimizing the productivity of the machine thanks to the automatic loading / unloading operations.

With the third pallet configuration, it is possible to load and unload both from the manual station and from the automation, ensuring high production flexibility.

Combo Tower Laser

The Combo Tower Laser is a flexible storage system with integrated loading and unloading functions for 2D laser machines.

The Combo Tower Laser is a key module to automate material flow. It makes different materials available whenever needed automatically and without delays; it can also serve as intermediate storage for ready-cut components along with the skeleton.

Night Train FMS®

The Night Train FMS® is a comprehensive solution for a sheet metal
working factory. Designed for automatic operation and based around an automatic storage solution, it can serve as both raw material storage and buffer storage for punched, sheared, and laser-cut parts.

Machining cells and manual workstations are located around the core storage system. The automated material handling and large capacity of the Night Train FMS® allows for long, unmanned operational cycles. The Night Train FMS® can easily be expanded with different machining cells or additional shelves.

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