Night Train storage

Unlimited capacity for flexible manufacturing process

Night Train storage

Night Train storage offers automatical flexible material handling with practically unlimited capacity on cassettes, as storages up to more than 100 metres in length have been installed. The storage can also be expanded later by adding storage blocks.

Block type Max. sheet size
NT 6 1.5 m x 3 m
NT 8 1.5 m x 4 m
NT Genius 1.5 m x 3 m
NT Brilliance 2 m x 4 m
  • Optimum solution for every application and all system sizes
  • Combines individual manufacturing stages into a single flexible process
  • Allows integration of other suppliers’ machines in the system
  • Unmanned production

Full compatibility with Prima Power product range

Night Train storage systems sets new standards to the industry

Connect machines, programs, process in one software platform

Add more blocks or an additional shelving raw as the needs arise

Optimize behaviour of the storage depending on other processes

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