Lighting equipment

lighting equipmentMain challenges and requirements

Sheet metal component manufacturing in this field is characterized by high productivity, medium and small batches, short lead times, and flexibility for the broad range of models and custom products.

High quality of the parts and ability to fabricate complex parts to meet designers’ requirements are also key factors in the equipment decision process.

The range of material used is wide and part dimensions are typically medium or small with small thickness.

The possibility to process materials with high aesthetic requirements (e.g. pre-painted, Super Mirror stainless steel, etc.) and to easily obtain complex and variable shapes are important aspects in this sector, as is the efficient use of material.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our products are designed for maximum flexibility:
    • Easy changes of production and product customization
    • Ability to fabricate the most complex profiles
    • No limits to designers’ creativity
    • Possibility to reduce parts and secondary operations (welding, riveting, etc.)
  • High accuracy and repeatability
    • no rejected parts
    • easier assembly with components fitting together perfectly
    • high quality and consistent parts with no need of further operations
  • Very high nesting efficiency: less scrap and increased productivity.
  • Our punching machines and our wide range of press brakes are the basic and most common equipment in this sector, in particular for small and medium sized companies, and provide high flexibility at excellent cost/efficiency ratio.
  • We can offer the best tooling flexibility (Multi-Tool® stations, auto-index stations, upforming stations).
  • Our combined machines are available to transform full sized sheets into finished parts with a single system.
  • Our family of bending solutions offers top bending capabilities for any kind of profile.
  • With our line of 2D and 3D laser machines for cutting and welding you can benefit from the intrinsic flexibility of the laser tool.
  • A wide range of solutions is available to automate the material flow and can be also integrated in an incremental way.
  • With our products it is possible to produce responsibly: you manufacture more parts, at lower cost, respecting the environment (Green Means®).
  • Services are an integral part of our offering. They grant maximum availability and utilization of our customers’ manufacturing capacity and allow its future development.

Application examples

  • Commercial and industrial lighting fixture parts

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