Service Agreements & Preventive Maintenance

service agreementWell performed maintenance is essential to keep your machine in the best possible production condition.

Prima Power is continuously developing preventive maintenance plans for Prima Power machines. Maintenance visits are performed according to the task list specified for each machine type.

Prima Power offers two different kinds of service agreements:

  • Preventive care
  • Extended care

Preventive care:

  • includes a specific number of preventive maintenance visits
  • includes preventive maintenance parts, labour and travel costs

Extended care:

  • includes a specific number of preventive maintenance visits
  • corrective maintenance after factory warranty
  • includes preventive and corrective maintenance parts, labour and travel costs

Customer benefits:

  • reduced number of unexpected failures
  • short, well planned maintenance shutdowns
  • high machine speed and quality
  • safe working environment
  • maintenance costs are known in advance

Availability Service

The target of our availability services is to keep machine availability high.

Corrective maintenance response time

  • Agreed arrival time of service engineer to ensure fast recovery

Preventive maintenance

  • It is carried out according to a fixed schedule or according to running hours
  • Keep the machinery in good operation condition
  • To prevent failure
  • Detect failures early

Preventive maintenance includes

  • Provision and replacement of specified parts
  • Checking the condition of the machinery
  • Adjustments
  • Lubrication
  • Functional check
  • Recommendations for corrective actions

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