High end picking and stacking solution for the advanced material flow management.


Picking and stacking robot PSR is an efficient solution for arranging the material flow. PSR automates part picking, stacking and intermediate buffering between punching shearing machines and bending automates. PSR stacking accuracy is high and intervals between stacks minimal, allowing optimal usage of stacking area, automatically.

PSR is available with different sizes and configurations.

  • Automatic picking and stacking management
  • High productivity
  • Process efficiency
  • High flexibility
  • Unmanned production

Material flow can be arranged in flexible ways to transfer parts directly to automatic bending, balance to different time requirements of bending and punching/shearing, to exit material from the system and to bring new material into it.

The flexible and versatile buffering functions along with clever dynamic stacking management ensure the optimum operation in terms of manufacturing cost and throughput time can always be chosen, whatever the manufacturing task at hand.

– Direct material flow from Shear Genius® or Shear Brilliance to bending cell EBe
– Use of the whole stacking area for buffering in direct connection
– Simultaneous stacking on tables/wagons and retrieval of
components from tables/wagons to bending cell EBe
– Use of the whole stacking area in unattended operation


Shear Genius SG
with PSR1 (short)

Shear Genius SGe
with PSR1 (short)

Shear Brilliance SBe
with PSR

with PSR1 (short)

with PSR2 (long)

PSBB with PSR2