servicesPrima Power Services: key to better productivity

A machine supplier to be taken seriously is a long-term partner and is happy to accept that the real product delivered is available capacity, not a piece of machinery supplied. This requires professional services that complement technology.

The improvement of our products and services has the highest priority for us. To this aim, all service reports are collected, analyzed and compared with a specific system, in order to understand if actions can be taken from our side (components retrofit, product enhancements, etc.) to avoid possible repetition of problems.

The overall target of our services is to ensure

  1. Maximum, permanent availability,
  2. Optimum utilization and
  3. Future development


The heart of Prima Power Service is a target we share with the customer: commissioning, maintaining and developing manufacturing capacity, and ensuring that maximum use can be made of it.

Actually, our service process starts before the quotation stage. Using a wide modular product range we can offer just the right solution for the customer’s present and foreseeable production targets. Once the solution has been chosen, the process continues to ensure that these targets are met.

We have built up capacity for all the stages in this process, which has a single outcome: maximum productivity of the customer’s manufacturing operation.

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