Advanced level automation for automatic material loading and part stacking.


LST is a compact high-performance automatic loading and stacking robot. LST loads the sheets into the machine, picks the parts and sorts them to stacks to be used in the following process steps. The entire working cycle of the machine is automatic.

There are different versions available as you need. The differences are with the length of the main frame and the number of fixed loading/stacking table or wagon positions.

  • Compact layout
  • Automatic material loading and stacking of the parts
  • Process efficiency
  • Unmanned production
  • Allows full manual process with machine as with stand-alone solutions.


Punch Genius PG
with LST long

Punch Genius with LST long

Combi Genius CG
with LST short

Combi Genius with LST short

Ex Series turret punch press
with LST

Combi laser LPef
with LST