Rizzato S.p.A. was founded in 2002 and has established itself in the subcontracting sector of sheet metal processing, working especially with stainless steel. The company’s core business is the processing of aesthetic details and components for a variety of sectors including hospitality, household appliances, wellness, hospitals and industrial applications. At its headquarters in Camposampiero, near Padua, 89 employees work in a production area of 14,000 square meters; 30% of its turnover – a total 23.5 million euro in 2021 – is generated by exports.


“We stand apart in our field for high technological standards and the incessant search for the best technology on the market,” explains Edoardo Rizzato, son of founder Sergio Rizzato and head of production planning. “This continuous updating allows us to keep up with the evolution of our reference sectors. We stay ahead of the competition because all our collaborators apply their experience and knowledge in synergy, knowing they are part of a broader reality with a common goal. Respect and enhancement of everyone’s skills have allowed us to grow.”

The company has always identified process automation as a key benefit leading to superior productivity, efficiency and quality “Prima Power’s technology was vital to automate our production processes,” explains Rizzato, who currently has nine Prima Power systems at work. The cutting department is made up of six Prima Power systems. Four 2D laser machines and one combined punching + laser cutting are connected to the Night Train automatic storage with 530 drawers for a length of about 70 meters, which can store up to about 1,590 tons of steel. In operation at the same department, but not connected to the Night Train, also is a combined punching + shear SG6.

Two Prima Power servo-electric panel benders are installed in the bending department. “Everything is perfectly connected and remotely controlled by the Technical Office, thanks to software packages that allow us to manage the entire production process.” says Rizzato.


“We use the Prima Power machine fleet to manufacture all quality aesthetic products. This has allowed us to increase product reliability and therefore boost the trust customers have in us,” explains Simone Zanchin, product quality manager for Rizzato. “Precision, quality and repeatability are essential in the fields we serve: no defects are allowed.”

“Sheet metal cutting and bending technologies are constantly evolving,” continues Zanchin.

“We see a constant search for shorter production times. Thanks to our high level of automation, we are able to satisfy even the most challenging requests, producing more complex pieces in less time and with higher quality. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important, and the high energy efficiency of Prima Power systems allows us to save resources with a twofold benefit, for the environment and for the company’s bottom line.”

And Rizzato aims to further improve quality standards, also by achieving new environmental and energy certifications, and to grow by consolidating partnerships both in Italy and abroad.

“Our company has chosen to invest in Prima Power technologies because it has been the only supplier able to meet all our technological needs in every work phase,” adds Rizzato. “We were looking for reliable automation to work 24/7, and Prima Power allowed us to achieve our goal. For a company like ours, which is constantly evolving, modularity is another crucial factor in investment decisions: we embraced the Night Train automatic storage concept as far back as 2003, with different connected machines. We updated and extended the storage system over the years, always keeping up with our production needs.”

For a company like ours, which is constantly evolving, modularity is another crucial factor in investment decisions.


“Our 20-year collaboration with Rizzato is based on mutual trust and a spirit of partnership,” says Cristiano Porrati, Vice-President South SEMEA Sales for Prima Power. “We have always been proud to work with a company that believed in the most innovative technologies and automation from the very beginning, making bold choices that later proved successful and are still up to date. To give one example: their Night Train automatic storage was extended twice over the years, connecting to an increasing number of machines.

This is proof of how our modular solutions can grow with our customers, and adapt as their needs change.” Over time, the company has added machines or replaced those connected to the storage – the beating heart of the cutting department – with increasingly advanced models. Lately, it has also automated the picking and sorting of finished parts with Prima Power’s LST system. And Rizzato is planning to expand its fleet. “We are considering the purchase of the Laser Genius+ machine, which would allow us to increase our performance in the cutting process, and also want to invest in press brakes,” explains Rizzato.

The partnership approach is a value Rizzato and Prima Power share: “With plants like ours, effective technical support and a collaborative and proactive attitude from the supplier is crucial,” concludes Rizzato. “In all these years, Prima Power’s support has always been clear and reliable, from preinstallation to after-sales.”

In all these years, Prima Power’s support has always been clear and reliable, from pre-installation to after-sales.

The modularity of the Night Train FMS technology is of fundamental importance for companies like ours, as well as the ability of the manufacturer's staff to redesign its features over time and adapt them to meet our changing needs.

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Edoardo Rizzato