With Prima Power’s integrated punching solutions, Zhilai Sci and Tech has reduced labor needs and streamlined delivery times, achieving higher production capacity, precision and quality.

Innovation has the power to reshape production paradigms and redefine industry benchmarks, as demonstrated by Zhilai Sci and Tech Co., Ltd, a Chinese company that embraced integrated cutting-edge technology. This bold move not only expanded the company’s global reach but also fortified its position as a frontrunner in the industry.


Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the dynamic city of Shenzhen, Zhilai Sci and Tech stands as a pioneering force in intelligent custody and delivery. The company is renowned for its quick delivery capabilities, adherence to international product quality standards, and efficient after-sales service system. With its diverse product portfolio and professional industry solutions, Zhilai Sci and Tech offers efficient circulation products for express parcels, intelligent terminals for storing and preserving fresh food, one-stop industry solutions for intelligent vending, and intelligent transportation hardware and software. As a result, the company has established deep cooperation with leading companies in various industries worldwide.

Zhilai is driven by a vision to lead the future of technological applications in delivery systems, with the aim of enhancing convenience across all aspects of human life. Fostering a culture of teamwork and employee empowerment, the company leverages cutting-edge technology and continuous improvements to achieve its goals. Over the years, Zhilai has established itself as a reliable provider of integrated solutions in intelligent custody and delivery, serving customers both domestically and internationally with unwavering reliability.


In 2013, Zhilai expanded its manufacturing capabilities by establishing Hubei Zhilai Sci and Tech in Xianning City, Hubei Province. The introduction of the Prima Power’s fully automated Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) in 2021 notably amplified Hubei Zhilai’s production capacity to 240,000 units annually. Today, Zhilai Sci and Tech’s global footprint extends to over 50 countries, with branches and subsidiaries from Hong Kong to Seattle.

Mr. Mei Yushan, General Manager at Hubei Zhilai, underscores the strategic importance of adopting the Prima Power FMS: “With evolving market demands, our company faces the challenge of meeting diverse customer needs both in terms of quality and quantity. Zhilai Sci and Tech aims to advance its intelligent production and manufacturing by prioritizing enhancements in production efficiency, shortening time-to-market, and facilitating rapid product iteration and updates. These strategies are vital for consistently strengthening the company’s core competitiveness.” Zhilai Sci and Tech strategically invested in state-of-the-art production equipment and implemented a rigorous training program to enhance workforce expertise, all aimed at achieving their objectives. “The goal was to ensure superior product quality and manufacturing efficiency,” - adds Mr. Yushan. “After an extensive market study and assessment, we chose Prima Power as our partner, through their Asia Pacific Factory in Suzhou, leveraging their advanced technology in smart factories.” In response to market demands, Zhilai Sci and Tech focuses on customized products with a small batch, multi-species production model. However, this approach presents challenges like short delivery cycles, labor intensity and expertise, and quality control risks. Integration of Prima Power’s FMS has been pivotal, reducing labor intensity, transit times, and streamlining operations.

This has enhanced production data accuracy, ensured product quality, and minimized quality control risks. The adoption of Prima Power machinery has notably boosted production efficiency and product quality for Zhilai Sci and Tech, due to their energy efficiency, stable quality, high precision, and user-friendly interface. Mr. Yushan further praised the Prima Power FMS system for its critical role in reducing manual labor, improving personnel safety, eliminating human errors, and achieving significant cost savings and productivity enhancements. Highlighting the alignment of Prima Power equipment with Zhilai’s need for efficient delivery, Mr. Yushan referred to Prima Power FMS as a transformative tool that adapts to Zhilai’s core objectives and industry requirements.


Zhilai’s partnership with Prima Power has led to the introduction of six sets of Prima Power Punch Sharp punching machines and one Prima Power Flexible Manufacturing System, with ongoing plans to expand these capabilities further. The initial setup included Prima Power’s state-of-the-art Punch Genius series fully servo electric CNC punching machines and the servo electric Express Bender EBe series, complemented by a Night Train automatic storage. This automated equipment facilitates unmanned production, rapid part transmission, automatic punching and high-speed stacking, ensuring scalability for future expansion. Over the past four years, Prima Power’s machinery has consistently demonstrated remarkable efficiency, boasting reliable performance, extended uptime, high precision, flexibility, advanced automation, and minimal labor requirements. This has empowered Zhilai to optimize production capacity and meet customers’ stringent quality standards.

Prima Power’s sales and after-sales teams have been instrumental in supporting Zhilai’s FMS, ensuring peak performance and timely achievement of objectives.

Zhilai Sci and Tech places a strong emphasis on scientific and technological innovation, enhancing its core R&D capabilities. With a skilled team boasting 46 invention patents, 362 utility model patents, 111 design patents, and 188 software copyrights, the company is a leader in innovation. Moreover, Zhilai is expanding into new industries like household storage and healthcare services through its subsidiary, Zhilai Medical. Looking ahead, Mr. Yushan radiates optimism and confidence about the company’s future: “Zhilai is committed to centering its development on scientific and technological innovation, continuously enhancing product quality and service standards, delivering superior products and solutions, and advancing the company’s sustainability and global market leadership.”

The goal was to ensure superior product quality and manufacturing efficiency. After an extensive market study and assessment, we chose Prima Power as our partner, through their Asia Pacific Factory in Suzhou, leveraging their advanced technology in smart factories.

Mei Yushan
General Manager

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